Bintang Cafe Indonesian Cuisine – 4 Apr 2015

Cuisine: Indonesian
Location: East Victoria Park, Albany Highway

I went out for lunch but my chosen restaurant was closed (maybe due to Easter) so I was rather disappointed and decided to instead visit Bintang Cafe which was next door to V Burger Bar which I visited recently. As I had already done my shopping, I popped in to make a takeaway order and got the following:

  • Ayam Bakar Pedas
  • Beef Curry
  • Gado Gado

I had some steamed rice in the fridge so after warming that up and serving myself the beef curry and other dishes, I sat down to enjoy. The beef curry is delicious and carries a lovely flavour representative of food you would find in Bali. I really enjoyed it. There’s plenty of beef which is tender but the curry is rather runny but flavoursome.

I had seen Jamie Olive make gado gado which is a comfort food dish and highly popular in Indonesia. I haven’t eaten it so I decided to order this dish. The dish consists of steamed vegetables which is then coated in a slightly runny satay sauce. What can I say? What a delicious dish! How they transform boring old steamed vegetables into something amazing is beyond me. It’s all to do with the satay sauce which is fantastic. I can see why this dish is so popular, is seen as a snack, is healthy, and is definitely a comfort food dish.

The last item to try was the large breast and wing of chicken that has been grilled and smothered with what looks like sambal, a chilli mixture. The chicken is well cooked and that sambal mix does carry some bite, but boy is it flavoursome. This transformed the chicken into a very tasty meal, full of flavour, each bite being something to savour. Very satisfied.


Bintang Cafe Food Review Summary

Verdict: Bintang Cafe must be pretty popular as they were a fair amount of Indonesians at the restaurant. I had visited once before several years ago but this time I ordered several dishes and was really impressed with the delicious flavours. The beef curry, while very runny, was extremely flavoursome and contained lots of tender beef. The gado gado is unbelievable, a fantastic slightly runny satay sauce transforming boring steamed vegetables into something else. Definitely comfort food. Lastly, the ayam baker pedas, contained a big chunk of grilled chicken covered in sambal which had some kick, but carried plenty of flavour making the chicken something to savour. There’s a range of dishes on the menu, the venue itself is simple but the food is delicious and excellent value. About $25 for all that.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

Bintang Cafe Restaurant Details

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