C Restaurant – 8 Apr 2015

Cuisine: Modern
Location: Perth CBD – St Martins Tower

As part of the Eat Drink Perth food festival, the program guide contains the Passport, a list of offers to use at various restaurants, such as C Restaurant. I think the last time I went here was when I was a little kid and the restaurant was then called Highlight 33. After taking the lift to level 33 and entering the restaurant, I was greeted and taken to my table. A revolving restaurant with sweeping views of Perth makes for fantastic viewing. The concept of a revolving restaurant, it revolves slowly, is a little unusual and can make you slightly dizzy for an odd moment or too, probably because it’s hard to adjust to the fact you’re in motion while seated.

The offer in the Eat Drink Perth passport entitled one to an entree, the potato gnocchi, and a main, the roast garlic chicken, for only $25! The menu offered to me also allows you to choose a different entree and main for an additional charge. A tough choice as there’s some really enticing items. I might have to return for another visit. Then there was also dessert. In the end I stuck with the same dishes offered with the hope of squeezing in a dessert. Normally, 2 courses is $49 and 3 courses is $63 but check their website for details. Service through the meal was very friendly and efficient, and while I wasn’t at all rushed, the kitchen is really efficient. In the end, I did get dessert, so 3 courses served and eaten in about an hour. That allowed me to get back to the office without losing too much time in the day.


Potato Gnocchi
C’s famous potato gnocchi, Napolitana sauce, spinach and gorgonzola cream, semi dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese

C Restaurant - Potato Gnocchi

C Restaurant – Potato Gnocchi

First up was the famous potato gnocchi. Several large parcels of gnocchi were immersed in a creamy sauce. The sauce was delicious, light, creamy, not too rich, and starts to take on the colours of the green spinach and the red sundried tomatoes. The gnocchi is perfect. Melt in your mouth soft pillows of yum. It’s not floury or too heavy on the potato. The balance is just right. The odd piece of sundried tomato presents a burst of muted sweetness which contrasts against the creamy sauce. The gorgonzola cheese sits in the background and the Parmesan is grated and melted on the top. I’m a bit sceptical when restaurants call their dish famous but after eating this, it’s a label duly deserved. One could do with a slice of bread with this dish but I want to save some room for dessert. Mind you, the gnocchi was quite filling and I entered very hungry!


Roast garlic marinated chicken breast, smoked potato puree, sautéed kale, toasted pine nuts, pickled onions, porcini dust, and thyme jus

C Restaurant - Roast Garlic Chicken

C Restaurant – Roast Garlic Chicken

For mains, I was served a generous dish of roasted garlic chicken atop sautéed kale with piping of potato scattered about the plate. Very tender chicken breast cut up into wedges, definitely emitting a roasted garlic flavour. This was enjoyed with the delicious jus which made this dish lickworthy. I really liked the soft piped potato which makes the dish quite filling. The kale is tender but a tad bitter. I was a little worried about the red onion hoping it wouldn’t be too raw. Instead it was pickled and it was a fantastic addition to the dish. The slight bit of acidity does wonders for the meal. Really delicious.


Dessert $14
Yoghurt and lime mousse, apricot and ginger compote, chocolate soil, lemon sorbet

C Restaurant - Yoghurt and Lime Mousse

C Restaurant – Yoghurt and Lime Mousse

There’s always room for dessert and I had been eying the yoghurt and lime mousse. The lemon sorbet was very refreshing carrying just the hint of lemon. The passionfruit coloured dome encased a spongy almost cake like mousse with a light yoghurt flavour. The passionfruit gives it a nice level of sweetness without being too sweet while the blobs of raspberry give a lovely tart contrast. A thin ring of chocolate helps to round things of along with the pistachio crumb and crunchy chocolate soil. It’s a pretty good dessert which is light and not too heavy nor too filling after the generous servings of the entree and mains.


C Restaurant Food Review Summary

Verdict: I’m rather surprised by the relatively low ratings on Urbanspoon. Sometimes restaurants with high-rise views can be ordinary, but my experience at C Restaurant was anything but. The venue and service is professional, yet the waitstaff are friendly. The quality of the food was excellent, the execution perfect, the taste delicious. I found the serving size more on the generous side and the meals are excellent value at full price. I really loved the soft pillows of potato gnocchi in a delicious creamy sauce. This was a definite standout for me. Likewise, the roast garlic chicken was tender, flavoursome, and combined with other elements to lift the dish to something more than just plain and boring. I liked the refreshing lemon sorbet and the light and airy yoghurt and lime mousse. This is an excellent venue for any occasion and has the views, service, and quality food to match.
Price: Moderately Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


C Restaurant Details

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