Eat Drink Perth – Food Truck Rumble

Eat Drink Perth

What: Food festival of events
Where: Perth CBD, Northbridge and other locations
When: 18 March – 24 April 2015

As part of the Eat Drink Perth food festival running over March and April, there are various events running, one of which is a new addition – The Food Truck Rumble. One of the food bloggers managed to organise this event last year and it proved a big success so it’s great that Eat Drink Perth decided to take it on and make it even bigger. There are 30 different food trucks parked in the Perth Cultural Centre in Northbridge offering all kinds of cuisines and sweet treats from 11am – 8pm today.

I decided to head there early given the long queues at last year’s event and I’m glad I went early. I arrived shortly after 11am where there already were a reasonably amount of people present. It gave me enough time to have a walk around and see what was on offer.

For my first choice I decided to head to the Smokin’ BBQ Bus which was offering ribs, pulled pork, and chilli hot dogs. I kind of miss some of the food from my travels in the US so I chose the chilli hot dog.

Chill Cheese Dog $12

Classic American style hotdog topped with cheddar cheese, our smoked chipotle chill beef, jalapenpo chillies and nacho sauce

Eat Drink Perth: Food Truck Rumble - Chilli Hot Dog

Eat Drink Perth: Food Truck Rumble – Chilli Hot Dog

It was pretty tasty. I slowly munched away on the soft bun containing a nice hot dog, covered in a chilli con carne type beef mixture, gooey cheddar cheese and cheese wiz, plus some jalapeños for that extra kick. A pretty good version but it still needs more smokiness in the chilli con carne and far more chilli kick.

Next up, I finally spotted the Comida do Sul Brazilian Food Truck which generally frequents around Fremantle. I’ve heard good things about them and I’m keen to try South American cuisine. The hot dog was filling so I decided to go with a few lighter items:

Comida do Sul on Urbanspoon

A few menu items from the Comida do Sul Brazilian Food Truck

A few menu items from the Comida do Sul Brazilian Food Truck

The coxinha are a snack, a rather filling snack, maybe even a meal in itself. They look very enticing in the display cabinet, a line of golden crumbed crispy pear shaped items lined up row after row in the oven. They’re best enjoyed with chilli sauce which really is a must, it’s not optional. The coxinha are a soft shredded chicken mixture surrounded with cheese and soft potato, before being coated in a crumb and fried. Boy are they soft and delicious! Wow, this should start gripping the streets as an ultimate street food. They’re very filling and moorish. I had to get something sweet to finish off and the dessert, pudim, caught my eye. It’s a semolina type pudding which has shredded coconut on the base and is coated in a caramel sauce. The pudding is soft, rich, and creamy. It too is very filling. The shredded coconut presents a contrast to the smoothness of the dish and the caramel sauce adds just a touch of sweetness without being too sweet.

By the time I made my way out, there were long lines snaking there way from some food stalls, but the turnout has been excellent despite the weather.

There’s still time to check it out if you’re lucky.

It’s fantastic that we have these great events to go to in Perth.


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