Grill & Chill – 29 Apr 2015

Cuisine: Indian
Location: East Perth

I really like the food on offer at Grill and Chill so a visit there was in order. I’m glad to see that several items on the secret menu, including their signature honey chilli cauliflower, is now on the main menu. Though it did prompt me to ask are there any items not on the menu, which there are!

Grill & Chill - Honey Chilli Cauliflower

Grill & Chill – Honey Chilli Cauliflower

We started with a serve of honey chilli cauliflower which was it’s usual excellent self. We also ordered Macchi Tandoor Se which is chunks of fish cooked in a tandoor, producing tender fish but with the chunk still holding firm. Along with some mint chutney, which we had also enjoyed earlier with tasty pappadums, the fish was delicious. Each dish carries a unique flavour profile making each visit a pleasure in discovering new tastes.

Grill & Chill - Macchi Tandoor Se

Grill & Chill – Macchi Tandoor Se

For mains we went with a creamy pepper chicken which was rich and a little peppery at the end. This was an item not on the menu which was really tasty. It went very well with a dish at the opposite spectrum, Achari Gosht. This lamb dish carried a bit of pungency offsetting the richness of the chicken. A different and very tasty dish. The curries were enjoyed with lovely rice, and garlic and butter naans.

Grill & Chill - Rice, Creamy Pepper Chicken, Achari Gosht (Lamb)

Grill & Chill – Rice, Creamy Pepper Chicken, Achari Gosht (Lamb)

But what got me excited was when I had looked at the dessert menu earlier when ordering – they had new items:

  • Cherry and chocolate naan with ice cream
  • Chocolate samosas

Which to choose? I went with the first and was looking forward to it but also a little apprehensive. I like pizza but dessert pizzas have been disappointing. This is a naan but would it go down the same path? Definitely not, as in keeping with the quality food served here. The mix of chocolate and cherry is perfect. Mainly dominated by cherry but not too sweet, the chocolate flavour helps keep the cherry flavour in balance. The naan is excellent and with vanilla ice cream, it provides moistness and a different level of sweetness which is required. Stroke of genius! Loved it.

Grill and Chill - Chocolate Cherry Naan

Grill and Chill – Chocolate Cherry Naan

Others enjoyed gulab jamuns and pistachio kulfi.

Grill & Chill - Gulab Jamuns

Grill & Chill – Gulab Jamuns

Grill & Chill - Pistachio Kulfi

Grill & Chill – Pistachio Kulfi

I did return about a week later to sate my sweet tooth with a takeaway order of chocolate samosas. I really like what they’ve done with the use of the chocolate by adding just enough sweetness so it’s not overpowering but allowing the flavour of the chocolate mixture to shine through in the crunchy deep fried exterior of the samosa. These are a naughty naughty treat which I loved.


Grill & Chill Food Review Summary

Verdict: For me the highlight of the meal was dessert where I loved the cherry and chocolate naan with vanilla ice cream. The creamy pepper chicken carried a completely different flavour to the other dishes I have eaten here previously. In contrast to the rich creamy chicken, the Achari gosht contained a fair pungency and was a very tasty lamb curry. The entrees were also excellent. Another excellent night out enjoying tasty flavoursome Indian cuisine.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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