Millioncino – 2 Apr 2015

Cuisine: Italian, Breakfast
Location: Perth CBD – Murray St

I had first visited Millioncino some 4 years ago but as part of the Eat Drink Perth food festival, the passport offers all kinds of dining offers. There’s one for Millioncino which has 25% off the food bill so I thought I’d pay a visit to this family restaurant which has a Sicilian slant to the Italian cuisine served. I nipped out of the office and down Murray St where I was greeted by the chef (the father) and the waitstaff (son). I was taken to a table by the window and as the sun was blaring in, the shades were drawn for my comfort.

I had a look through the menu and thought a main and a dessert would suffice. I was a bit torn on what to choose so I asked for a recommendation and was advised of a dish from the pasta section and one from the mains section. After some thought, I decided on the Sicilian dish of spaghetti with sardines, pine nuts, fennel, and sultanas. While I waited, a complimentary dish was presented of home made chips. They were nice and crisp and some parts had gone a little soft which made the chips tasty.

Millioncino - Home Made Chips

Millioncino – Home Made Chips


Sardine Spaghetti $31

Millioncino - Sardine Spaghetti

Millioncino – Sardine Spaghetti

It didn’t take too long before the dish was served. In restaurants like these, the time between when you walk in the door to when you get you first dish can be really long so I was glad there was efficiency. Quite a generous portion of moist spaghetti is presented in the plate, covered by fine bread crumbs, chunks of small sardines, the handful of pine nuts, and sultanas. I liked the bread crumbs and the moistness of the spaghetti. While the dish does’t have a sauce, possibly the oils of the sardines help give a glistening look to the dish. It’s not swimming in oil, nor is it dry. Given there’s not a heap of ingredients or a sauce, the flavours are really tasty. Sometimes just keeping it simple is the best. I also liked that the sardines aren’t dominant in flavour, nor is the dish fishy. I thought the presence of sultanas was unusual but they actually add a nice burst of moistness and just a touch of sweetness to the dish. It’s really the fruity quality of the sultanas which offsets the fishy sardines (not that they’re fishy but it balances this protein out).


Cannolo Siciliano $8
Typical Sicilian pastry filled with creamy ricotta cheese and chocolate chips

Millioncino - Cannoli

Millioncino – Cannoli


I was sufficiently full and then it was time to ask for the dessert menu (why don’t they just give that to you in the first place? It’s all about strategy and I’d already looked at the menus online beforehand). I was torn between cannoli and the tiramisu but I didn’t want anything too rich and creamy so I thought the cannoli would be better. Well I was wrong as this cannoli was filled with rich mascarpone. I’ve eaten many a cannoli and they’re all different. One stuffed purely with ricotta and lots of mascarpone is a first, but it was tasty. The outer pastry was very crisp and crunchy. There was no give. I’m not sure how they prepare cannoli, but a lot of the places I’ve eaten, the outside is crisp but slightly soft which sounds like a contradiction but ensures when you cut the pastry it doesn’t fly all over the place. Nevertheless, it tasted great, but I prefer more ricotta or cream. There was a blob of cream on the side which seemed out of place but I ate that anyway. Pretty full now, I head back to work satisfied.


Millioncino Food Review Summary

Verdict: Millioncino is a family run restaurant offering Sicilian cuisine, fine dining, an extensive wine list judging by the bottles about, but in a venue that wouldn’t look out of place in Rome. I took the waitstaff’s recommendation and went with a sardine, pine nut, fennel and sultana spaghetti. A generous serving of sardine oil covered spaghetti, fine bread crumbs, chunks of small tasty sardines, and a fruity burst from the sultanas. A delicious dish that satisfies. I also had cannoli which was filled with lots of rich mascarpone and a lesser amount of ricotta inside a crisp and crunchy pastry. Pretty tasty but prefer a less richer version and a slightly soft pastry.
Price: Reasonable (Eat Drink Perth passport has 25% off the food bill, also in the Entertainment Book)
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

Millioncino Restaurant Details
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