OSH5ONE – Bali Modern Cuisine – 11 Apr 2015

Cuisine: Indonesian (Balinese)
Location: Bentley, Albany Hwy

When I got an invite to V Burger Bar I was chatting to one of the co-owners who’s Indonesian so I asked him for a recommended restaurant and he told me about OSH5ONE – Bali Modern Cuisine. I headed there for a takeaway lunch after a trip to Bunnings and got the following:

  • Perkedel Kentang $1.50 eachIndonesian potato fritter only available on Saturdays.
    • The potato fritter was small but pretty tasty. It contains soft potato and is crumbed and fried.
  • Gado Gado $13.50Vegetable salad smothered with peanut sauce and topped with prawn and melinjo crackers.
    • The satay sauce that accompanied the gado gado was much more creamier and thicker than the version at Bintang Cafe. The satay sauce also carried a bit of bite due to the presence of the chilli flecks. Pouring the sauce all over the steamed vegetables and giving it a good mix so the vegetables were suitably coated really added to the flavour and made the dish really tasty. This is a different version though I preferred Bintang Cafe’s version.
    • They also gave a bag of prawn crackers and pork crackling which accompany the gado gado and somehow become rather addictive even though I’m not a big fan of prawn crackers.
  • Ayam Penyet $8.50Fried and mashed chicken mixed with sambal sauce
    • I liked the crispy chicken which still held some crunch despite the drive home. The sambal chilli mixture carries some bite but adds to the flavour of the tender chicken breast.
  • Fried duck with Bali modern sauce $11
    • The duck was nice and tender and had an interesting sauce that was more of a dry rub than liquid sauce. The flavour was a little intense but it went well with duck. Lots of flesh on the large piece provided. Some of it had some crunch which was nice.
  • Beef rending with rice $9.50
    • There’s several pieces of tender beef rendang that just break away in the delicious sauce that coats the steamed rice. The coconut in the curry isn’t too rich or creamy and this dish is very delicious.
  • ES cendol $5.30A traditional Indonesian drink consisting of rice flour jelly, coconut milk and palm sugar.
    • The ice cendol was pretty tasty. It needed a good mix because the palm sugar was down the bottom. The drink contained lots of heart shaped ice cubes as opposed to there being lots of shaved ice but there was lots of green jelly and coconut milk. This was a refreshing drink, especially aiding the cooling down of the palette from the sambal.


Bali Food Review Summary

Verdict: Bali Modern Cuisine is a family run restaurant opposite Bentley Plaza and has a simple interior. For those who have been to Bali, they also have Balinese items on display for sale. Obtaining a takeaway order can hurt the original preparation of the food like some of the fried items I purchased so I can’t hold that against them. I was rather amused to receive quite a nice carry bag containing the takeaway items. The flavour of the food is delicious. I really liked the fried chicken coated in sambal, the fried duck with Bali modern sauce, and the beef rendang. The gado gado was pretty tasty and so too the potato fritter which is pretty small. The ice cendol was refreshing but contained ice cubs rather than shaved ice which took away from the drink. Excellent Indonesian flavours and a large variety of cheaply priced dishes to choose from.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


OSH5ONE – Bali Modern Cuisine Restaurant Details

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