Recipe Restaurant – 22 Apr 2015

Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Location: East Perth

On a few occasions I had seen Recipe Restaurant which overlooks Langley Park and decided to check it out. They serve Middle Eastern cuisine, particularly, skewered meats.

Recipe Restaurant also happened to coincide with a 50% deal thanks to Dimmi that proved to be fortuitous and given the menu is a bit pricy, even better. We entered into the restaurant and were taken to our seats. After a look at the menu, we decided to share an entree, before ordering different skewered meats and sharing them amongst ourselves.


Roasted Eggplant $15.90

Delicious blend of roasted eggplant, onion, lentil, garlic, spice, walnut and mint, served with Whey, saffron, and two slices of rosemary Turkish bread

Recipe Restaurant - Roasted Eggplant

The Turkish bread was really tasty, lightly toasted and brushed with butter. It was light and went well with the spiced mixture. The spiced mixture was light in flavour, not intense, and quite tasty. It has quite a mixture of ingredients which provide enough flavour but becomes hard to distinguish each of the individual flavours.


Tender Lamb Mince $23.90

Two skewers of finely seasoned hand ground lamb, served with fluffy saffron rice, grilled tomato, barbecue chilli pepper and Shirazi salad

Recipe Restaurant - Tender Lamb Mince

Tenderized Beef Striploin $31.90

One skewer of tender beef striploin, tenderised in traditional way and served with saffron rice, grilled tomato, barbecued Jalapeño pepper and Shirazi salad

Recipe Restaurant - Beef Skewer

Recipe Restaurant – Beef Skewer


Marinated Chicken Thigh $25.90

One skewer of tender juicy pieces of chicken, marinated in lemon juice, capsicum, onion and saffron, served with saffron rice, grilled tomato, barbecued Jalapeño pepper and Shirazi salad (choose between chicken breast or boneless thigh fillet)

Recipe Restaurant - Marinated Chicken Breast
We ordered the lamb, beef and chicken (thigh) skewers which each come with rice, salad, grilled tomatoes, barbecued chilli, and shared the skewered meats between us. I was quite disappointed with each of the skewered meats. I’ve not eaten Persian food before so I’ve got nothing to compare it to, but was expecting flavour from the grill and possibly spice. I got neither. Something as simple as a barbecue will impart flavour into the meat, I was expecting something similar for the skewered meats, taking on the flavour of the grill or possibly the coals it was cooked over. There was a little charcoal flavour on the chicken which was seasoned well as too the lamb, but the beef was quite bland but a bit of table salt did the trick.

All meats were cooked well and were tender apart from the beef which was a tad chewy. The quantity of each dish is commensurate with the price, there’s heaps of rice which is lightly spiced and has nice loose grains. The salad is nice and with the grilled tomatoes, helps to cool your mouth after eating the barbecued roasted chilli.


Nan Khamei $9.90

Home style profiterole cream puff pastry

Recipe Restaurant - Nan Khamei

I also had dessert and went for the profiterroles. Two were served on a plate, but no cutlery provided so I asked for it. There were nice and light and contained a sweetened cream but no chocolate as per the traditional French variety. They were pretty good, though I prefer the French variety.


Recipe Food Review Summary

Verdict: Recipe Restaurant offers patrons Persian cuisine, particularly skewered meats, but they also have pasta and risotto dishes, plus seafood and burgers for the Western palette. Overlooking Langley Park and the beautiful Swan River, one can enjoy a plate packed with food for the slightly highish price tag. We ordered chicken, beef and lamb skewered meats to share amongst ourselves but while they were tender, they were quite bland, lacking spice, or flavour from whatever the meats were skewered over (e.g. grill or coals). Maybe the skewered meats are cooked just like in Persia, but I was expecting far more flavour. The loose grained rice is nice, the barbecued chilli packs some heat, the grilled tomatoes help cool your mouth as too the Shirazi salad. The entree of roasted eggplant was nice with delicious Turkish bread and the Persian style profiteroles with sweetened cream were good but I prefer the French variety. For my palette, I want far more flavour and Recipe didn’t deliver on that front.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Great
Value: Good
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again


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