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I didn’t attend last year’s inaugural Taste of Perth foodie event but this year I’ll be going. I was also fortunate to receive a backstage pass to a ‘Taste of Tour’ event which would give us a sneak peak of what some of the restaurant’s of the event will have to offer.

If you haven’t been to several of Perth’s restaurants and are wondering what their food is like, then the Taste of Perth is an event worth going to. There will be several restaurant’s present serving cut down versions of their signature dishes, think tapas, allowing you to sample a range of dishes on offer. Taste of Perth will be running from 15 – 17 May at Langley Park and will also feature cooking demonstrations, shopping from artisan producers, and live entertainment. You need to buy tickets to get in to the event and also purchase ‘Crowns’, a pseudo currency of the event created to make the carbon footprint of the event smaller. Please check the Taste of Perth website for more details.

Ok, on to the Taste on Tour. I, and several fellow bloggers gathered at El Publico to kick things off where we met a few of the people involved in the event and the chef to showcase a few dishes that will be on offer at the Taste of Perth event. After that we were whipped away to Lalla Rookh for more fare, before ending our night at Next Door @ No 4 (the new wine bar next door to No 4 Blake Street’s main restaurant). So on to the food.


El Publico

el PÚBLICO on Urbanspoon

  • Pork Belly Taco – pork belly, charred pinapple salsa picante, chicharon
    • Really delicious pork belly, the tropical flavors of the pineapple produce an interesting flavour. Nice soft taco though would prefer a little more seasoning for my liking.
  • Street Corn – braised corn served with crema, fresh cheese, chili & lime
    • The charred sweet corn is a bit rich and creamy but really tasty.
  • Lamb Ribs – lamb ribs twice cooked served with sesame cucumber & lime
    • Nice and tender but a bit chewy, though the ribs carry some lovely flavours.
  • ICON DISH: Flavours of Mexico – fried crickets & chicharon & two village mezcals
    • The crickets are deep fried and reasonably crunchy though they don’t taste like anything in particular, maybe a little like prawn shell but without the intensity of the prawn flavour.
    • They had an alcoholic and non-alcoholic tequila type drink. As I don’t drink the non-alcoholic tomato juice was the go for me. It had a real kick of chilli on the aftertaste and contained an interesting concoction of ingredients which produced a very interesting drink. I liked it.
El Publico - Pork Belly Taco

El Publico – Pork Belly Taco

 El Publico - Street Corn

El Publico – Street Corn

Several of the items are from the menu so you can always pop in to El Publico and try them out for yourself.


Lalla Rookh

Lalla Rookh Bar & Eating House on Urbanspoon

  • ICON DISH: Braised Lamb Shank – medieval style with sweet spices and prunes
    • This dish must be pre-ordered as it takes some time to prepare. The result is ridiculously tender lamb falling off the bone. In fact, it’s a rather annoying dish to eat because the lamb keeps breaking away from the fork as you’re about to lift it off the plate. Yeah, it’s that tender. I really like when chefs try being creative and push the boundaries a bit rather than serving what the next restaurant is serving. On this occasion, they’ve paired lamb with juniper berries and citrus peel, along with cinnamon to give the lamb a completely different, and very subtle, flavour. It’s kind of fruity and quite different to anything I was expecting. I didn’t really like it but I once again admire the chefs trying something different. The meat was delicious and with the peas and sauce, was more than enjoyable.
  • Organic polenta and parmigiana, Nonna’s style
    • The polenta has been prepared in a traditional method very different to the soft, gooey form one might be used to. They kind of set in the polenta, in the mould of a pikelet, so you can cut it up and pick it up, yet it’s soft and tasty, especially with all that lovely grated Parmesan scattered all about.
Lalla Rookh - Organic Polenta and Parmigiana, Nonna’s Style

Lalla Rookh – Organic Polenta and Parmigiana, Nonna’s Style

 Lalla Rookh - Braised Lamb Shank

Lalla Rookh – Braised Lamb Shank


Next Door at No. 4

Next Door @ No4 on Urbanspoon

  • No4 Risotto – cauliflower, cocoa, burnt rice crisp
    • I ate this when I last visited No 4 Blake Street. The risotto is soft, tender, smooth, creamy and yum.
  • 45 Day Dry Aged Beef – organic, grass fed, fried egg, crispy kale, dukkha
    • The chef, Tom Randolph, was saying they name their cows to get a more personal connection with their produce and ensure they’re cared for. Happy cow means tasty beef. We were eating Jackson apparently. The mince is a little coarse but the flavour is really intense from a beef point of view, it’s so amazing! This doesn’t taste like any beef I’ve eaten before. The personal connection obviously shows. Jackson did not die in vain.
  • Croquettes – Taleggio, Broccolini. smoked lardo, hazelnut marmalade
    • The chef was saying they take cured pork fat, use it to make a kind of béchamel sauce and smoke it, as opposed to using butter in the making of the overall dish. All I can say is it results in an unbelievably delicious dish! Crunchy on the outside, gooey in the middle, the sweet marmalade takes the edge of the richness. Wow, fantastic!
  • ICON DISH: Valhrona Chocolate Garden – salted caramel, peanut dacquoise, sandalwood rocks
    • I’ve read about this dish and drooled over it after reading fellow blogger’s accounts of their visit to No 4 Blake Street. I was telling one of the other bloggers of my wish to try this dessert one day so when he drew my attention to what was presented on our tables, I was extremely delighted. After one spoonful, I was ecstatic! Yep, this is an absolutely awesome dessert! It not only looks like a pot plant but once you start eating the chocolate soil and delve deep into the depths of the pot to get the peanut butter mix, it’s OMG. Yes OMG, OMG, OMG!!! It not only met but exceeded my expectations. Absolutely loved it.

Next Door at No. 4 Blake Street –

Next Door at No. 4 Blake Street –

Next Door at No. 4 Blake Street –

Next Door at No. 4 Blake Street –

Well if you’re excited about any of the dishes then head to the Taste of Perth website and also the food line up if you’re still not convinced.

Big thanks to all involved for a special night out.


Taste of Perth in partnership with Electrolux is supported by the City of Perth.

WHAT:                    Taste of Perth in partnership with Electrolux 2015

WHEN:                    Friday 15 – Sun 17 May

WHERE:                  Langley Park, Perth

TICKETS:                On sale through Ticketek Australia – www.ticketek.com.au/tasteofperth

INFO:                       www.tasteofperth.com.au

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