The Trustee & Dessert Degustation – 15 Apr 2015

Cuisine: Modern European
Location: Perth CBD, Brookfield Place

The Trustee have a special offer as part of the Eat Drink Perth food festival with a dessert degustation offering patrons 5 courses for just $24. I’ve noticed a few restaurants offering dessert degustations but have been put off as one can only eat so much sweet stuff. While I really relish my food, whether that be sweet or savoury, one can eat more savoury than sweet. That was until I saw The Food Pornographer’s visit which changed my mind so I made a booking and went there for lunch.


Pork Belly Parcel, Beetroot, Apple Salad, White Balsamic Dressing $25

 The Trustee - Pork Belly Parcel

First up I need something savoury as one can’t begin a dessert degustation on an empty stomach so I went with the pork belly parcel from the entree section of the menu. The pork belly was very tasty oozing a lovely pork flavour, not dry or chewy, reasonably moist, and excellent with the crunch of the pastry and slight sweetness from the cranberry. The apple and red cabbage salad was also delicious and made for a lovely savoury meal before my 5 course dessert degustation.

I was a little short on time so I asked how long it would take. The waitress said she could let the kitchen know to prepare each of the dishes and bring them without having to wait in between each course. Sounds great to me. How considerate.


First Course: Wattleseed, Caramel and Popcorn Ice Cream Cone

The Trustee - Wattleseed, Caramel and Popcorn Ice Cream Cone

I really loved the mini ice cream cone. The ice cream was so tasty and I loved the wattleseed and caramel flavour. The solitary piece of popcorn on the plate maybe isn’t necessary or the caramel sauce on the plate but what better way to get the sweet part of your taste buds activated!


Second Course: Creme Brulee Tart, Apple Gel

The Trustee - Creme Brulee Tart, Apple Gel

Last night’s dessert at Restaurant Amuse featured quince and here again it was on the plate combined with a gooey caramel to temper the sweetness. The soft pear tart was tasty too and I liked the butter in the crumbled biscuit which gave it a richness in flavour balanced by the acidity of the citrus. My least favourite dish out of the degustation not because it wasn’t a nice dish, it just didn’t suit my personal preference.


Third Course: Lychee Sorbet, Rosewater Panna Cotta, Almond Pearls

The Trustee - Lychee Sorbet, Rosewater Panna Cotta, Almond Pearls

The ice cold lychee refreshes the palette with a burst of freshness, carrying a summery tropical flavour. The soft almond pearls are on top (the pink balls) while the rosewater panna cotta is hidden underneath all that ice. Once you get there, a super smooth panna cotta greets the palette with the soothing flavour of rosewater.


Fourth Course: Trustee’s Snickers Bar

The Trustee - Snickers Bar

I absolutely loved the snickers ice cream. Soft most smooth chocolate ice cream with salted caramel to round things off, this certainly hit a chord with my dessert preferences. The vanilla cream and vanilla ice cream wafer were very tasty too. Amazing!


Fifth Course: Spearmint Milkshake and Macaron

 The Trustee - Spearmint Milkshake and Macaron

Lastly the spearmint macaron was really yummy but I loved the spearmint milkshake. A sweet milk with vanilla for additional flavour, it started to absorb the spearmint flavour from the fresh spearmint leaves. This was really enjoyable and now I am stuffed! It was also served and consumed in less than 90, minutes. How can I be expected to work?


The Trustee Food Review Summary

Verdict: I headed especially to The Trustee to try their dessert degustation. Before I started, I ordered the pork belly parcels which served up tender pork belly oozing the unmistakeable flavour that only pork belly can offer, surrounded by crunchy pastry and a blob of cranberry sauce. This was well paired with a delicious apple and red cabbage salad. Then it was on to the dessert degustation consisting of 5 courses. I loved the wattleseed and caramel ice cream, not so much the quince with pear tart. The lychee granita was so refreshing and enjoyed thoroughly with the rosewater panna cotta. The snickers bar was absolutely amazing along with the vanilla ice cream wafer. Lastly, the spearmint macaron and spearmint vanilla flavoured milkshake was an excellent finish to the meal. I love the dessert degustation which offers lots of variety, quality, execution, and taste. Five courses for $24 is well worth it, mind you, after the fourth course I was done. Plenty to keep you happy.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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