Chez Pierre – 26 May 2015

Cuisine: French
Location: Nedlands

The Chez Pierre Taste of France set menu for this week featured food from the town of Beaume. The 5 course offering for $59.50 featured:

  • Amuse Bouche
  • Risotto aux Fruits de Mer
  • Sorbet
  • Beef Bourguignon
  • Millefeuille Classique a la Vanilla

We were brought a basket of bread and I was really hungry so I treated myself to lots of butter with the tasty bread.


Pumpkin Veloute

First up is an amuse bouche of pumpkin veloute. The veloute is smooth and carries a very wintery warming pumpkin flavour and I believe a touch of spice to add additional depth and flavour which makes this even more delicious.


Risotto aux Fruits de Mer

Stuffed Baby Squid, served on a lobster & prawn bisque risotto finished with confit tomatoes & a light white wine sauce

Chez Pierre - Risotto Aux Fruits De MerThe first forkfull of risotto revealed an immediate taste of crab. This flavour permeates all the way through the rich creamy risotto. Over time, the dish increases in richness but it’s an extremely delicious dish. The odd bit of tomato provides a burst of juice and freshness to offset the richness. So too, the pork stuffing in the squid, giving a meatiness against the creaminess. The soft pork stuffing contains a subtle flavour of herbs and is tasty in itself. The baby squid is very thin and encases the meatballs, but is a tad chewy though still reasonably tender. I really loved this dish and it was my favourite of the night.


Mandarin Sorbet

The mandarin sorbet was served before our mains and was amazing! So refreshing, delicious, such a lovely mandarin flavour. I could easily have more of that.


Beef Bourguignon

Slow braised red wine beef cheeks, served with a creamy pomme puree, shallots, lardons & mushroom finished with a rich red wine sauce

Chez Pierre - Beef Bourguignon

The beef cheek was as tender as cutting through the potato mash that lay underneath. Cooked long and slow, each piece broke into strands. It needed more seasoning so the salt on the table was added to my liking. I also particularly enjoyed the lardo, the slight salt explosion from the bacon adding just enough seasoning. I enjoyed the soft creamy mash, soft mushrooms and the slightly sweet shallots. The full bodied red wine gravy was also a delight. So full!


Millefeuille Classique a la Vanilla

Crispy puff pastry, layered with vanilla creme patisserie, Chantilly cream & garnished fresh strawberries

Chez Pierre - Millefeuille Classique a la Vanilla
Chez Pierre - Millefeuille Classique a la Vanilla

Next up, after a reasonably long wait which was perfect, was millefeuille. Wow! Fantastic! After a heavy meal, the dessert was light and easy on the stomach. The crisp layers of pastry encased whipped Chantilly cream and a vanilla creme patisserie which was excellent. The fresh strawberries add fruitiness and flavour but I particularly liked the tart and sweet raspberry coulis. This cut through the cream and balanced out the dish.


Chez Pierre Food Review Summary

Verdict: A visit to Chez Pierre trying their Taste of France range never disappoints. We were treated to food from the town of Beaume. It started with a delicious risotto with the flavour of the crab permeating throughout the creamy risotto. The crab and prawn bisque provided plenty of flavour and richness, but this was offset by the tomato and meatiness from the squid stuffed pork balls. The squid was a tad chewy but the subtle herb flavoured super soft pork meatballs were delicious. A highlight of the night. That was followed by a beef cheek which cut as tender as the soft creamy mash that lay underneath. This was melt in your mouth stuff, the beef combining superbly with a red wine full bodied sauce, slight saltiness from the bacon-like lardo, sweet shallots, and soft mushrooms. To finish the heavy meal, a light dessert was required and millefeuille fitted the bill. Easy on the stomach, but delicious on the tongue, the crispy layers of puff pastry encased Chantilly cream and a delicious creme patisserie, enjoyed with fresh strawberries. I particularly liked the tart raspberry coulis. Amazing!
Price: Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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