Taste of Perth 2015

Taste of Perth

Taste of Perth


The 2015 Taste of Perth foodie event is my first visit after the inaugural event in 2014 was a resounding success.

After getting a sneak peak at some of the dishes that would be featured on the Taste of Tour Backstage event, I was really looking forward to attending.

I also received an invite to the Gala Awards Night on Friday night at the Platinum Garden Bar.

Unfortunately, when the time came for the announcement, the volume on the microphone was quite low and I didn’t catch the awards or the winners. Many people were in the same boat which was a bit of a shame to the finalists and actual winners.

All I got was the winner, El Publico, for their lamb ribs – Twice cooked and served sticky with sesame, cucumber & lime; and third prize which went to Next Door at No 4 Blake Street for their amazing Valhrona Chocolate Garden (read on as I got this dish).

After the event we were free to roam which was rather unexpected as I thought we would have to make our way out.

Excellent! Gives me a chance to go buy some crowns and get stuck in to tasting some dishes before returning tomorrow.


Friday 15th May – Night Session

Lalla Rookh – http://www.lallarookh.com.au

Lalla Rookh - Fried Custard

Lalla Rookh – Fried Custard

Fried Custard – candied citrus, toasted almonds
A very unassuming dessett that surprises on the upside. The candued citrus sets the scene with a lovely fruity flavour before enjoying the crunch of the almonds. Then it’s on to the mysterious deep fried delight which encased gooey warmed custard. Yum!

Ricotta Gnocchi – sugo di carne: organic beef & pork ragu
The gnocchi was super soft pillows of potato that just melted in your mouth. The pork ragu was really delicious and partnered well with the gnocchi and grated Parmesan cheese.


Bistro Guillaume – http://bistroguillaumeperth.com.au

Bistro Guillaume - Duck Parmentier (middle)

Bistro Guillaume – Duck Parmentier (middle)

Duck Parmentier – confit duck with Paris mash, toasted brioche crumbs
I love French food so a stop here was a must especially when they have confit duck pies with super soft and smooth Paris mash. Wow, could the humble mash potato be so good in a pie with succulent duck melting in your mouth? Delicious.


Modo Mio – https://www.crownperth.com.au/restaurants/premium/modo-mio/about

Modo Mio - Tiramisu

Modo Mio – Tiramisu

Tiramisu – classic Italian coffee & mascarpone dessert
It was time for something sweet and what better way to satisfy one’s sweet tooth with some tiramisu. One spoonful and I was hooked. Creamy mascarpone with coffee soaked biscuit and a sprinkle of chocolate on top and I lapped up every spoonful. Satisfying.


Propeller – http://propellernorthfreo.com.au

Propeller - Grilled Occy

Propeller – Grilled Occy

Grilled Occy – peas, smoked almonds & feta salad
Back to something savoury and the grilled octopus had me intrigued. As they had them preprepared I was expecting it to be hot but it was room temperature. A little disappiinying but once you eat the octopus all is quickly forgiven. Wow! What a delicious flavour evoked from the chunky dense yet relatively tender octopus. I also loved the peas, feta and particularly the smoked almonds. This was the dish of the night for me. Fantastic!


Saturday 16th May – Lunch Session

I also had tickets to the event so I made my way to the Saturday afternoon session where the weather was cold and rainy. Disappointing, but the rain eventually cleared and umbrellas were put away. Unfortunate timing in terms of the weather.


Lalla Rookh – http://www.lallarookh.com.au

Lalla Rookh - Ricotta Gnocchi and Nonna's Meatballs

Lalla Rookh – Ricotta Gnocchi and Nonna’s Meatballs

Nonnas Meatballs – soft polenta, parmigiano
This was a much hyped and raved about dish from last year’s event which proved so popular, it sold out. So I decided to give it a try to see what all the fuss was about. The meatballs are really soft and tender, carrying a subtle herbed flavour with the polenta providing a touch of cheesiness via the Parmesan and adding additional flavour. I liked them but didn’t think they lived up to the hype the dish was billed as.

Ricotta Gnocchi – sugo di carne: organic beef & pork ragu
I also had to get another serve of the ricotta gnocchi after last night’s experience.


Propeller – http://propellernorthfreo.com.au

Propeller - Grilled Occy, Duck Bistayeea, Petit Pot

Propeller – Grilled Occy, Duck Bistayeea, Petit Pot

Grilled Occy – peas, smoked almonds & feta salad
After this turned out to be the dish of the night, I had to get this again.

ICON DISH: Duck Bistayeea (filo pastro) – Israeli carrot salad
I like duck and I like pies so why not try this dish out? It was very different to Bistro Guillaume’s dish and I really enjoyed it, especially the carrot salad.

Petit Pot – chocolate, Turkish coffee cream with brandy snap
Why wait to the end for dessert when it’s there waiting for you to choose it? I like brandy snaps and these were delicious, encasing a lovely Turkish coffee cream. Inside the cup is a deep dark chocolate mixture which is rather delectable.


Bib & Tucker – http://www.bibandtucker.net.au

Bib & Tucker - Rotisserie Suckling Pig

Bib & Tucker – Rotisserie Suckling Pig

Bib & Tucker - Rotisserie Suckling Pig Slider

Bib & Tucker – Rotisserie Suckling Pig Slider

Rotisserie Suckling Pig Slider – kimchi slaw, kewpie
I’d seen the rotisserie suckling pig turning round and round from last night so I was very keen to try whatever they were serving. I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t just serve chunks of suckling pig instead, but they’ve utilised the flesh by shredding it and creating some tasty sliders. The suckling pig is really tender and flavoursome with the kimichi and kewpie mayo making the slider moist and really tasty.


Print Hall Dining Room – http://www.printhall.com.au

Print Hall Dining Room - Linley Valley Pork Cheek

Print Hall Dining Room – Linley Valley Pork Cheek

Linley Valley Pork Cheek – black barley, cauliflower, smoked lards
On a cold winter’s day, it’s a nice to see winter warming dishes like Print Hall’s pork cheek. The pork cheek was extremely tender and tasty, and went very well with the creamy cauliflower puree, contrasting with the crunchy black barley. Big thumbs up from me.


Next Door at No 4 (No 4 Blake Street) – http://www.no4blakestreet.com.au

No 4 Blake Street - Valhrona Chocolate Garden and Croquettes

No 4 Blake Street – Valhrona Chocolate Garden and Croquettes

Croquettes – taleggio, broccolini,, lardo, hazelnut, marmalade
I had this and the next dish on the Taste of Tour Backstage so it was a no brainer to pick one of these up. Actually they’re so good I went back for another! Yep, they’re that good. The gooey taleggio cheese surrounding the broccolini, crunch from the hazelnut, further richness and creaminess from the lardo béchamel sauce, encased by crumbs and deep fried, no complaints from me. They’re just amazing! With a little marmalade to provide sweetness to offset the richness, even better. I like the touch of salt on the outside of the croquettes which further amplify the flavour.

ICON DISH: Valhrona Chocolate Garden – salted caramel, peanut dacquoise, sandalwood rocks
I believe when I ate this I wrote OMG, OMG, OMG! Well I was always going to get this delightful dessert again and thoroughly enjoyed each and every spoonful. I make no apologies for indulgence. Fantastic!


Mary Street Bakery – Mary Street Bakery on Facebook

Mary Street Bakery - Doughnut

Mary Street Bakery – Doughnut


Mary Street Bakery Doughnut – peanut butter, jam & crunch
I was pretty full by this point after sharing a number of the dishes, but I was intrigued by Mary Street Bakery’s doughnut with peanut butter of all things! The doughnut was different to what I expected and the peanut butter is turned into a creamy custard like filling which starts to spew out the other side when you take a bite. I ate this several hours later when I got home and it’s great to try new things, but I can’t say I would go back again for it. Rather they try something different than do the same tried and true items. This one didn’t come off.


Modo Gelato – http://www.modogelato.com.au

Modo Gelato  - Salted Caramel & Honeycomb Gelato

Modo Gelato – Salted Caramel & Honeycomb Gelato

Just before I was about to make my way out, I was drawn to a little stand in the middle of the venue – Modo Gelato. Gelato! Ooh, I love gelato. It also doesn’t need to be summer to eat gelato so I got a scoop of the salted caramel and honeycomb. By now the weather had cleared and there were a few tables close by that were also dry so I sat down and slowly enjoyed each spoonful. Mmm. Very tasty!

I had an excellent time at the Friday night and Saturday afternoon sessions. Lots of different dishes on offer which allows you to get a feel of the kind of dishes several of Perth’s restaurants have to offer. There’s also exposure for several artisan producers, wineries, and other retailers to showcase their products. I hope you had an equally enjoyable time and if you missed out, then you’ll have to wait for next year’s event to see what you’re missing out on.


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