The Brisbane Hotel and Stand Up Comedy at Lazy Susan’s

Cuisine: Pub Food, Modern Australian
Location: Highgate

Disclosure: meal and show was complimentary

I enjoy a laugh and have attended a few stand up comedy shows when in New York and the shows during The Fringe Festival. Outside of that, I have come across a few locations in Perth but have never got around to attending. Imagine my surprise to get an invite to The Brisbane Hotel to enjoy a meal and then a show! Really excited I accepted and headed there after work where I met several other bloggers, though not necessarily food bloggers. It was a lovely night meeting a bunch of people and the show and food were excellent.

To start, several entrees (or share plates) were ordered to share amongst the table.


Mushroom & Mozzerella Arancini, Tomato Sugo $16

The Brisbane Hotel - Mushroom & Mozzerella Arancini, Tomato Sugo

I’m not a big fan of arancini  in general though the version served here was tasty as they’ve put a different spin via the use of mushroom and mozzarella with far less rice. The tomato sumo also formed an effective complement.


Homemade Sausage Rolls $16

 The Brisbane Hotel - Homemade Sausage Rolls

I’m rather surprised to see sausage rolls on an entree or share plate menu but why not go with an old favourite? I think it’s a bit out of place especially given the type of food served here is not your typical pub grub. It’s a lot classier than your average pub. Having said that, dipping a sausage roll into the tomato sauce was pretty good.


Chicken Liver Parfait, Fig & Pear Chutney, Baguette $17

 The Brisbane Hotel - Chicken Liver Parfait, Fig & Pear Chutney, Baguette

I really like pate so seeing chicken liver parfait was going to be different as I’ve always had duck liver. The chicken liver isn’t as rich as duck but still very tasty, even more so with a fig and pear chutney which helps to cut through any richness with the slightly sweet fruitiness. This was enjoyed on toasted slices of a baguette. Very yum, my kind of food.


Beef Cheek Tortilla, Guacamole, Salsa Rosa $18

 The Brisbane Hotel -

I’m a big fan of beef cheek and sticking them in a taco is a great way to enjoy this rich type of meat. However, while the beef cheek was tender the taco was bland. I didn’t think it went with the rich creamy avocado in the guacamole, despite the presence of the salsa.


Confit Duck Leg, Homemade Mushroom Tortelloni, Porcini Brodo $34

The Brisbane Hotel - Confit Duck LegWe had a choice of choosing our mains so I settled on the duck as I love it and it also came with tortellini which is a favourite too. I was presented with a sizeable piece of delicious succulent duck cooked perfectly, nice and tender, with the perfect amount of seasoning. The outside also had a slightly crunchy looking exterior though didn’t really carry any crunch, though I won’t hold that against them. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every bite. I also loved the mushroom filling which carried a real earthiness. The pasta of the tortellini was lovely, though if one had to be critical it should be soft and silky. Also, it seemed they put it under a grill as the top was a bit crunchy which is rather unusual. Despite that, I really enjoyed the meal and was thoroughly satisfied.

 The Brisbane Hotel - Lazy Susan's Comedy Den

After that it was upstairs to Lazy Susan’s for stand up comedy. They run different shows on different days. On Tuesday they have Shapiro Tuesday’s which is a line up of first timers and those less experienced. Its only $5 for 2 hours of comedy. It starts off with 10 comedians doing 5 minutes, then a short break, followed by another 10 comedians doing 5 minute acts. They also have a show on Friday with professional comedians, and an improvised and interactive show involving the audience on Saturday. The latter two events require tickets available from Ticketek. It’s a pretty long night so you are free to leave in between acts but I really enjoyed the night. There’s lots of seats and the venue is comfortable but they could do with turning down the aircon especially since we’ve seen the last of summer. Most of the comedians managed to get a fair share of laughs, some provided by wisecracks from members of the audience, and of course there are a few misses amongst the hits. I guess the pros have managed to get on top of their nerves, try not to laugh, manage to execute their jokes and not stuff up the punchline, and are able to pick up on the mood and interactivity of the crowd to keep things moving. For a first timer, it can be daunting but you have to start somewhere. Great to see there’s a place for aspiring comedians to get a start.


The Brisbane Hotel Food Review Summary

Verdict: I was expecting a visit to the Brisbane Hotel to be the usual pub food but was pleasantly surprised that the menu is a little more upmarket. I took a particular liking to the chicken liver parfait and also enjoyed the arancini balls. The sausage rolls seem a bit out of place on any menu but were tasty but the beef cheek taco’s were a bit on the bland side and didn’t go with the creamy guacamole. For mains, I throughly enjoyed the confit duck leg where a decent portion of juicy, tender, and perfectly seasoned duck is presented. I enjoyed each and every bite which carried moistness and flavour. I also loved the mushroom filling in the tortellini which carried a real earthiness, though, I’m not sure why the tops of the tortellini were crisped. The ensuing comedy show at Lazy Susan’s is fantastic and if you love comedy then I recommend a visit and definitely recommend you get the duck.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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