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Seoul - Gyeongbokgung Palace3

Holiday – South Korea: Seoul

Saturday 27 June I popped close by to the mini supermarket and picked a freshly baked pastry which happened to be maple syrup flavoured and it was yum! Time to checkout and then onto the subway for a ride to the airport where I bought more kit kats. Unfortunately they […]

Hiroshima - Peace Park

Holiday – Japan: Hiroshima

Friday 26 June For my final full day in Japan, I’ve decided to take another day trip, this time to Hiroshima. I set off early for the 90 minute ride on the shinkansen. I love these bullet trains. Some have power points which is great for charging phones or running […]

Nagoya - MAGLEV Railway Park

Holiday – Japan: Nagoya

Thursday 25 June I’ve decided to take a day trip to Nagoya to see the MAGLEV Railway Park and also the Toyado Museum. After a subway ride and then an hours ride on the shinkansen, then a 24 minute ride to the port side stop Kinjo-futo, I’m there. The signs […]

Osaka - Dotonbori

Holiday – Japan: Osaka

Tuesday 22 June We left the monastery early after breakfast which was delicious. After a bus, cable car ride, and 2 trains, we arrived at Osaka. A quick stop at the hotel to drop our luggage off and we set off on the subway to Umeda for an interactive cooking […]

Koyo-San - Monastery Garden

Holiday – Japan: Koyo-San

Sunday 21 June After 4 train trips, a cable car ride, and finally a bus ride we arrived at the monestery. We take our shoes off before entering and wear sandals. Our rooms all have walls with sliding doors and they’re paper thin. A strict schedule is followed. First up […]

Koyo-San - Monastery Garden

Holiday – Japan: Kyoto

Thurday 18 June After a late breakfast and check out we left Nikko and caught 2 trains to Tokyo station where we had 30 minutes to grab some lunch for the 3 hr journey to Kyoto. We rode the super shinkansen train this time which is super fast. The super […]

Nikko - Toshogu Shrine

Holiday – Japan: Nikko

Tueday 16 June After the smooth ride on the shinkansen, we switched to a local train and rode another 40 minutes where we reached Nikko. It’s a little chilly, overcast, and misty. We drop off our luggage at the hotel and then head to a sake brewery. Alcohol is not […]

Tokyo - Sensoji Temple

Holiday – Japan: Tokyo

Friday 12 June I popped out for a moment to find a bakery I had walked past yesterday but couldn’t find it so went back to the hotel to check out and waited for the bus. It was only 7 am but it was very humid. I enjoyed the scenic […]

Yokohama - Osanbashi Pier

Holiday – Japan: Yokohama

Saturday 13 June I’m off bright an early to go to Yokohama. However, after arriving in Yokohama I realise the shops don’t open for a few hours – it’s late morning on a Saturday!?! So I started walking around seeing the sights. The layout is pictureseque with the waterways, parks, […]

6101 Tapas & Meze - Pork Belly

6101 Tapas & Meze – 3 Jun 2015

6101 Tapas & Meze offers up a variety of Turkish inspired tapas dishes with larger dishes also available. The service is excellent and the husband and wife team make you feel welcome. I really enjoyed the cigars which offered a lovely gooey cheese filling encased by the filo like pastry. The beef croquettes were too chunky and lacked seasoning and flavour. The beef chorizo carried less intensity than the Spanish counterpart but was delicious with the Turkish bread. The garlic prawns were tasty with a lovely sumac salad, but the pork belly was absolutely amazing! Crunchy crackling, cut like butter pork flesh, so tasty and oozing flavour! After a heavy meal, the lemon myrtle panna cotta was a delicious light dessert with the citrus flavour to round things off. Great value, generous servings, excellent service.