6101 Tapas & Meze – 3 Jun 2015

Cuisine: Mediterranean, Tapas, Turkish
Location: Victoria Park – Albany Hwy

Another Dimmi 50% flash sale hit my inbox and so I decided to try 6101 Tapas & Meze out for dinner, but it had booked out quickly in May so I got a booking in June and June has finally arrived. Walking inside, the restaurant isn’t too big but there is a courtyard at the back. The husband and wife team are very friendly and make you feel like your at their home.


Cigars $15

Crumbed home made cheese & parsley rolled in Turkish dough served with kalamata olive tapenade

6101 Tapas & Meze - Cigars
The cigars looked really interesting so we got some of these. Nice golden brown crispy filo-like pastry encasing a gooey cheese and parsley filling. Each cigar has plenty of filling. I also really liked the olive tapenade with a slight chilli kick. Delicious!


Crumbed Beef Croquet $19

Crumbed beef & rice kofta served with sumac salad

6101 Tapas & Meze - Crumbed Beef Croquet
Next up were the crumbed beef croquettes. These weren’t what I was expecting and were not really croquettes. They were rather koftas, very chunky ones mind you, that were crumbed lightly and fried. Croquettes are golden and crispy and have a filling of a considerably smaller quantity. The filling here was lacking seasoning and carried a very mild flavour. The serving of the dish is big and bold though.

Warm Sujak (spicy or mild) with Bread $18

6101 Tapas & Meze - Warm Sujak
The warm sujak (beef chorizo) was interesting, carrying the typical flavour of Spanish chorizo but on a much less intense scale. Along with some lovely toasted Turkish bread, there’s plenty for everyone. I liked using the Turkish bread to mop up the oils and juices in the pan.

The service is really welcoming and helpful. We were going to order more dishes but were told we had plenty. So we continued on with just 2 main dishes which turned out to be plenty.

Pan Fried Garlic Chilli Prawns $22

6101 Tapas & Meze - Pan Fried Garlic Chilli Prawns

Pan fried garlic chilli prawns were first up and they were tasty. A squeeze of lemon and along with the salad, it made for a tasty meal. I like the sumac in the salad. It certainly wasn’t your typical salad.


Pork Belly $22

6101 Tapas & Meze - Pork Belly

6101 Tapas & Meze – Pork Belly

We then followed with delicious, succulent, cut like butter, pork belly. It’s apparently cooked over coffee beans and there is the hint of the coffee bitterness. The beetroot is an unusual combination as it’s more on the rich side along with the fatty pork belly. Oh, and the crackling is crunchy and yummy. Fantastic!

Lemon Myrtle Panna Cotta $11

6101 Tapas & Meze - Lemon Myrtle Panna Cotta
We shared the lemon myrtle dessert which was a good choice recommended to us. After a heavy meal, this was light, creamy and a bit rich due to the vanilla. The lemon myrtle adds a delicious soothing citrus flavour. Lovely wobble on the silky panna cotta.


6101 Tapas & Meze Food Review Summary

Verdict: 6101 Tapas & Meze offers up a variety of Turkish inspired tapas dishes with larger dishes also available. The service is excellent and the husband and wife team make you feel welcome. I really enjoyed the cigars which offered a lovely gooey cheese filling encased by the filo like pastry. The beef croquettes were too chunky and lacked seasoning and flavour. The beef chorizo carried less intensity than the Spanish counterpart but was delicious with the Turkish bread. The garlic prawns were tasty with a lovely sumac salad, but the pork belly was absolutely amazing! Crunchy crackling, cut like butter pork flesh, so tasty and oozing flavour! After a heavy meal, the lemon myrtle panna cotta was a delicious light dessert with the citrus flavour to round things off. Great value, generous servings, excellent service.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


6101 Tapas & Meze Restaurant Details

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