Holiday – Japan: Hiroshima

Friday 26 June

For my final full day in Japan, I’ve decided to take another day trip, this time to Hiroshima. I set off early for the 90 minute ride on the shinkansen. I love these bullet trains. Some have power points which is great for charging phones or running a laptop.

Unfortunately, Osaka and every city I pass through is covered in rain. I arrive at Hiroshima and my first stop is a visit to Shukkien Garden.
The rain doesn’t make it pleasant to explore this very large garden and makes it a little treacherous with slippery rocks and squishy mud. The grounds are beautiful and each area is different. I like the lake.

After that I head 10 minutes west to Hiroshima Castle. It’s not as grand as Osaka Castle and this castle had to be rebuilt and restored. Nonetheless, I’m out of the rain and there’s several floors to explore plus videos to watch. Lovely views from the top too.
I’m pretty hungry by now and head to Mitchan Sohonten Hatchobori for lunch to try a Hiroshima specialty, okonomiyaki. Just look for an arcade and it’s facing the street. They also have an English menu.
I got a seat at the bar which is awesome because you don’t just get your meal, you can see the chefs in action as they create this interesting creation.
First, a thin crepe is made. Then a huge handful of shredded cabbage is added with bean sprouts, benito flakes, and seafood (I got the Mitchan special with udon). This is cooked before being flipped.

A pile of noodles (soba or udon) is added and then shaped into a circle. The pancake pile is added on top of the noodles. An egg is cracked next door and flattened. The pile is flipped on to the egg.
Finally, thick sweet soy is added along with seaweed powder. One can add mayo or mustard mayo or other sauces to your pile.
Mitchan special okonomiyaki with udon
I dug in and finished the lot. What an unbelievable creation! I loved it. Pretty stuffed, it’s time to walk that meal off so I set off for the Peace Park.

About 10 minutes later, I was at the area which encompasses several monuments dedicated to the victims of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in WWII.
The atomic bomb dome still stands, somehow surviving the blast.
There’s also the Peace Bell.
And the Peace Clock.
Further along is the Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound. Many corpses were cremated with their ashes burried here.
Then it was a short walk to The Cenotaph for the children lost.
Further up is the eternal flame which was still burning in the driving rain.
Hiroshima - Peace Park

The monuments bring a sobering effect over you.


Finally, it was time to see the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum which was interesting, saddening, unbelievable, and stomach churning.
Black rain stains a white wall
Black rain stains white wall
I’ve had enough for the day but the shinkansen is sold out so I’ll have to wait for the next train which leaves me with 90 minutes to waste.
A chocolate cream, banana, and custard tart
I was rather fancing something sweet so this was a blessing in disguise. A chocolate cream, banana, and custard tart was enjoyed with a grean tea drink with vanilla soft serve. Then it was back to Osaka.
Iced Green Tea with Vanilla


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    The Japanese are absolutely amazing when it comes to eating. They have anything and everything! You okonomiyaki looks especially tasty 🙂

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