East Village – 10 Jul 2015

Cuisine: American
Location: Perth CBD – 140 William Street

I’ve been waiting awhile for a few new restaurants to open and East Village has finally arrived at 140 William Street. East Village is a place in New York and this restaurant represents American cuisine from New York.

I dropped by on a Friday afternoon and the place was packed. I queued for a few minutes before being taken to table. In a short moment I was presented with the menu, which is also on display at the front of the restaurant. I had my mind set on the New York cheeseburger so I grabbed the attention of the busy waitstaff and got my order taken.

After a shorter than expected wait, my burger with chips was presented. I thought given the restaurant had only been open 16 days and it’s really busy, the service has been pretty good, including the kitchen which was out with my meal in no time.


New York Cheeseburger $21

180g grilled beef patty, home-made relish, pickles, diced onion, cheese and mustard mayo

East Village - New York Cheeseburger
One bite in and the flame grilled flavour was apparent in the meaty beef patty. It was well cooked but lacking a touch of seasoning. I liked the gooey cheese and the mustard mayo. The pickles make it typically American and I liked the bun though it may have been slightly over heated as it was a tad burnt in places. A pretty good burger, though lacking the flavour I was expecting which was disappointing.

There was also a basket of thick cut chips which were a light golden brown but were not that great in flavour. Definitely needing more salt, it had a light crunch, but was a bit of a let down. If you’re going to serve chips it needs to hit the mark as anyone who loves chips can attest to.

As the burger was a little on the small side and I didn’t bother eating all the chips, that gave me the opportunity for dessert and the key lime pie looked particularly pleasing to me. Once again service was efficient and I was able to place my order and have my dessert on the table in pretty quick time.

Key Lime Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream $12

East Village - Key Lime Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream
This is a typically American dish which I did enjoy when I visited America a few years back and I was looking forward to eating this. It has a lovely crust and the curd carries sufficient line flavour. It is a bit heavy and quite rich so the vanilla flecked ice cream is a welcome addition as it adds moisture and refreshes the palette. A tasty dessert though a little too heavy and rich for my liking.


East Village Food Review Summary

Verdict: More and more American styled restaurants are opening up and East Village is the latest addition to that offering, located at 140 William Street. The interior offers a casual relaxed atmosphere gushing with activity and catchy music. While newly opened and very busy on a Friday lunchtime, the wait for a table was quick and service was prompt and efficient, including the kitchen. I ordered the New York Cheeseburger which exuded a delicious flame grilled flavour from the meaty beef patty. I liked the gooey cheese and mustard mayo, along with the typically American pickles, and the tasty bun. The burger was lacking seasoning and oomph which was a little disappointing and the chips were above average at best. I’d favour a visit to a gourmet burger joint instead. I also had room for dessert so ordered the key lime tart which had a lovely thick, heavy, rich curd with ample lime flavour surrounded by a tasty pastry. To take the edge off, the vanilla flecked ice cream was a welcome addition. Pretty good dessert but it needs to be lighter. I’d like to visit again to try some other typically American dishes and see how they are.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Great
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again


East Village Restaurant Details

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