East Village – 17 Jul 2015

Cuisine: American
Location: Perth CBD – 140 William Street

I’m back again at East Village to try some New York fare so for today’s choice I’ve gone with the Reuben sandwich. East Village has a variety of dishes to choose from such as sandwiches, pizza, burgers, mains and they also offer breakfast and dessert. I hoped the East Village’s Reuben would be better than the slightly disappointing New York Cheeseburger I had last week.

I left early to beat the lunchtime rush, especially on a Friday, and was easily able to get a table, mind you, several are reserved and I needed to be out by a particular time but that was a long way away. I placed my order immediately and in a short while, my lunch was served.


Reuben Sandwich $18

Corned beef, pickles, sauerkraut, swiss cheese & home-made dressing

East Village - Reuben Sandwich

East Village Food Review Summary

Verdict: After a slightly disappointing New York Cheeseburger on my last visit, East Village redeemed themselves with a fabulous Reuben sandwich. I’ve not eaten a Reuben before but after the first bite I was sold. What a delicious sandwich! The toasted bread felt soothing in winter as it warmed my hands. The tender chunks of corned beef oozed flavour. The acidity from the pickles and saukraukt cut through the meatiness of the pork while the Swiss cheese rounds out the sandwich with it’s unique flavour. The Russian dressing is an important component in keeping the sandwich moist and it does the job tieing all ingredients together. I was really hungry and it is a mission to get through but I succeeded and enjoyed every bite. They also include a salad so I ate that too. It’s not necessary in my opinion as the sandwich is well packed and has some salad in the sandwich, however, the salad is a nice end to the meal. Unfortunately, way too full to even consider dessert.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend


East Village Restaurant Details

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