De Cribs – 23 Aug 2015

Cuisine: American
Location: East Perth

It was a lovely day filled with bright sunshine so why not head out for a relaxing lunch? I chose De Cribs in East Perth where there are a few restaurants overlooking Claisebrook Lake. They offer an American styled menu though there are dishes which you would find at a pub or café too. The dinner menu has more dishes on offer. There’s ample seating inside and out including comfy red booths. After a look at the menu I chose the pork ribs with original sauce and a garden salad. The ribs also offer two other sauces in honey or spicy. You also have a choice of sides aside from a garden salad which include fries, baked potato, mashed potato, corn or coleslaw.


De Ribs (Half Rack) – Pork $23.50
24 Hour marinated ribs, slow cooked to mouth watering perfection then finished on a char grill where they are glazed with your choice of De Cribs special sauces.

De Cribs - Pork RibsThe pork ribs were delicious and tender. I really enjoyed the flavour of the marinade which is slightly sweet like BBQ sauce. The garden salad was also tasty and had a delicious dressing which really made a big difference.


De Ribs (Half Rack) – Lamb $20

Delicious tender lamb ribs with spicy sauce. Love the chips too

Aside from the pork ribs, De Cribs also offers lamb and beef ribs. I had a taste of the lamb ribs which were marinated in a spicy sauce. The lamb ribs were even more tender than my pork ribs and the spicy marinade does have a slight spiciness but nothing that will burn your mouth. I also had some chips which were fantastic. I really enjoy well done chips and get annoyed when restaurants serve substandard chips. Not the case here.


Fish and Chips $15

Beer battered blue boned groper served with crunchy fries

De Cribs - Fish And Chips

Didn’t have a taste of this dish but had some more of those delicious chips.


New York Raspberry Cheesecake $10
Smooth and creamy baked cheesecake topped with raspberry and white chocolate ganache and served with mixed berries coulis and whipped cream

I enjoyed the New York cheesecake and the raspberry coulis is a welcome addition, as too the cream which adds moisture.

There’s always room for dessert which is why I purposely didn’t order chips with my meal because they are filling. That means room for dessert and I was tossing up between the cheesecake or the key lime tart. I went with the latter and the cheesecake was very tasty. The whipped cream and berry coulis help take the edge off the richness of the cheesecake, though the white chocolate ganache is not required in my opinion, it just adds to the richness.


Key Lime Tart $10

Baked sweet tangy lime filling in a sweet tart shell, finished with shredded coconut and served with vanilla ice cream

While it had a good lime flavour the tart was kind of gluggy and not that enjoyable.

I had a good taste of this dessert and while the tart contained a lovely lime flavour, the filling &/or pastry appeared quite gluggy and not that enjoyable. A real shame because I love a good key lime pie.


Red Velvet $10
Alternate layers of red velvet cake and white chocolate cream cheese filling with sides coated in crumbed red velvet with berry coulis

I liked the red velvet cake with the raspberry coulis though thought it needed to be a touch lighter.

I also had a taste of this dessert. I like the cake though the white chocolate cream cheese filling does make the cake a bit heavy rather than light. The berry coulis is a welcome addition though and livens up the dessert.


De Cribs Food Review Summary

Verdict: I thought De Cribs offers a good range of dishes at excellent prices compared to what one would normally pay. I really enjoyed my pork ribs which were tender and delicious in the original sauce marinade. I also liked the dressing on my garden salad and the chips from the other dishes were really delicious. I also had a taste of the lamb ribs which were even more tender and were covered in a spicy sauce though it is a tad spicy. I think De Cribs strength is in their mains as desserts were above average. I enjoyed my New York cheesecake and I had a taste of the red velvet which is a little heavy, though the key lime tart had a nice tart flavour, it was quite gluggy. A really lovely venue to enjoy some lovely American fare.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

De Cribs Restaurant Details
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