Poppo Korean and Japanese – 6 Aug 2015

Cuisine: Korean, Japanese
Location: Perth CBD – Barrack Street

I was craving some Korean food so I thought I’d start checking out some of the many Korean restaurants that line the city. First stop is to Poppo Korean and Japanese on Barrack St, where there are a few Korean restaurants in close proximity.

I grabbed a table before looking through the menu and then you order at the counter, pay for your meal, and grab a number to stick on your table.

Korean Style Seafood Pancake $9


It’s hard to go past the Korean pancake which is available as a vegetarian version, or as I opted for, seafood. A really large golden brown pancake was served, cut up into squares, and a bowl of a slightly salty sauce lay on top. The pancake was light and flavoursome when dipped in the sauce. The seafood of fish and squid was tender, particularly the squid which can be tough if not cooked well. Certainly not the case here. Korean pancakes have that layer which is soft and slightly chewy, which I love. Really filling, maybe I should have skipped the entrée but I loved it.


Beef Bulgogi with Steamed Rice, Miso Soup, Pickled Vegetables $15

Poppo Korean & Japanese - Beef Bulgogi

For mains it’s hard to go past bulgogi which is available in pork or beef. A sizzling plate of thinly sliced beef was piled on to a dish, accompanied with steamed rice, spiced kimchi, pickled vegetables, and fried seaweed. The beef was tender with a lovely flavour from the marinade. The soft onion mixed in with the beef, along with the steamed rice, made each bite a delight. The spiced kimchi provides a relief from the meatiness of the beef, the chilli reinvigorating the palette from the slight richness of the onion. The pickled vegetables are also excellent with the beef as it’s refreshing. The slightly sweet crispy seaweed wafers are also tasty.


Poppo Food Review Summary

Verdict: It’s a little unusual to have a restaurant serving two completely different cuisines in Korean and Japanese but it gives the diner more choice. I went with the Korean seafood pancake which was light, crispy and delicious with the slightly salty sauce. I really enjoyed it and it was quite a generous serving. I was pleased to see that the seafood, in particularly, the squid, was very tender. For mains I chose the beef bulgogi which was excellent. The steamed rice helps to mop up some of the marinade and meat juices but the soft tender flavoursome beef is an excellent lunchtime meal for the cold of winter. It does become very meaty and rich due to the onions, but the miso soup, spicy kimchi, and refreshing pickled vegetables help to create balance and take the edge off. The crispy and slightly sugar coated seaweed was an interesting element too.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


Poppo Korean and Japanese Restaurant Details

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