Bay 33 Café – 5 Sep 2015

The view of the ocean across the road from Bay 33 Cafe is beautiful.

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Breakfast, Cafe
Location: Watermans Bay, West Coast Drive

One of my readers told me about this place which is a bit out of the way but why not go for a drive. I don’t venture to the sea so seeing the lovely blue ocean as you immediately go over the hill on the way to West Coast Drive is a pleasant and relaxing sight. With the perfect location, Bay 33 Cafe in Watermans Bay has indoor and outdoor seating. Most of the indoor area has floor to ceiling windows so you can still enjoy the view but be protected from the elements. When I walked in I was immediately confronted by what I thought was another customer but in fact was one of the staff. I wasn’t sure and while staff don’t need to wear uniforms, it wasn’t immediately obvious if he was a customer or staff member. I was immediately taken to a seat and presented with a menu, specials, and dessert menu. Later he came to clear the table and move me to a table inside the room with the floor to ceiling windows which was a nice touch but I was comfortable where I was. I was feeling hungry but presented with desserts, I wanted to leave room so chose a dish from the “lighter meals” section of the menu.


Dukkah Crusted Salmon & Poppadom Stack $23.00

Tasmanian Salmon dusted in our house made dukkah and seared on the grill,
served on a zingy avocado salsa with crispy poppadoms & garnished with sour cream & salmon caviar

Bay 33 Cafe - Dukkah Crusted Salmon

After a reasonable wait, I was presented with my lunch. This dish looked rather interesting in that there’s a fusion of different cultures in the one dish. Dukkah is a Middle Eastern spice mix, the salsa is Mexican, and the pappadums are Indian. Put it together and it actually works very well. I can see this being a great dish for the summer months as the yoghurt is refreshing, as too, the salsa. The yoghurt is supposed to represent the Indian condiment, raitha, but the plain yoghurt is slightly creamy and very cooling and refreshing and pairs well with the pappadum. The papaapdum standing upright provides crunch but the other pappadum holding the contents of the dish starts to loose its crunch with the moisture of the contents it holds. I like the avocado salsa which works to cut through any richness of the salmon. The normal richness is actually unnoticeable and allows the salmon to shine through. The salmon is perfectly cooked, moist juicy, not raw and not dry. The dukkah crumb is really tasty and helps add additional flavour to the salmon.


Boysenberry, Apple & Ricotta Tart $7.50

Bay 33 Cafe  - Boysenberry, Apple & Ricotta Tart

There’s always room for dessert particularly since my lunch selection was from the light meals section of the menu which turned out to be the perfect size as the dessert was quite large. I really liked the tart served with vanilla ice cream. The soft apple filling resembles an apple crumble which is really warm and comforting in the cool winter. The boysenberry presents tartness while the ricotta brings everything together. Great combination and a lovely finish to the meal.

I don’t normally comment on service but while the guy who greeted me was quite pleasant, the two waitresses were hard to grab their attention. After lunch it took some time to get eye contact with them. They weren’t looking around at their customers but rather each other. When I got their attention I was able to have my plate cleared and a dessert menu brought to me. It was a repeat of getting their attention again to place an order. Even if the staff are not attending to a table, you can normally get their attention by a subtle glance but difficult to do so if you aren’t even looking at the customers. Wasn’t bad service but a minor improvement would go a long way. Pleasant experience otherwise.


Bay 33 Cafe Food Review Summary

Verdict: Bay 33 Cafe is a lovely pleasant cafe overlooking the beautiful blue waters of the Indian Ocean. There’s ample parking on the street and indoor and outdoor seating which won’t obstruct your view. The menu offers a range of dishes without an expensive price tag given the view. It’s a casual cafe which appeals to those who just want to drop in for a coffee or grab a meal. Takeaway coffee orders is accommodated and there’s a range of sweet treats available to all. I really enjoyed the fusion of the Middle Eastern Dukkah spice mix encrusting perfectly cooked moist salmon. Paired with a Mexican like avocado salsa which was refreshing and Indian pappadums for crunch and slightly creamy cooling yoghurt, all three cultures combine to produce a tasty and refreshing meal. I also had room for dessert and enjoyed the tart boysenberry with apple crumble like filling in a tart. The vanilla ice cream brings it all together and left me satisfied.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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