Blackbird – 22 Sep 2015

Cuisine: Modern European
Location: East Perth

I received a Dimmi offer for 50% off the food bill at Blackbird so that’s an offer I couldn’t refuse and made a booking for dinner. I had visited a few years ago and had a pleasant experience so I had no hesitation in visiting again, particularly after casting an eye over the menu. The restaurant is located behind Eastbrook Terrace, a small brick paved road that is barely noticeable and accessed only by those residents that live in the apartments that line this road behind Royal Street. The restaurant overlooks Claisebrook Lake which is where a few restaurants sit like De Cribs which I visited recently.

It was a warm day so some people took the option to dine outside but we stayed indoors. Inside, the restaurant is a little dim and dark, black all around in keeping with the blackbird theme, but it creates a lovely atmosphere. The wait staff that we dealt with throughout the night were warm and friendly which made the night all the more enjoyable.

We placed our orders and patiently waited, however, we were presented with some freshly cooked popcorn which was tasty and moorish.


Seared scallops, fennel cream, bacon, herb crumb $20

Blackbird - Seared Scallops 

Blackbird croquettes of the day $17

Blackbird - Croquettes

I had a taste of the other entrees ordered. The scallop was super juicy and had a lovely crumb. Perfectly cooked. Served upon black squid ink, I also loved the croquette, lovely golden brown crumb, soft potato center with a delicious filling.


Crisp baby calamari, smoked tomato, olive & fennel $18

Blackbird - CalamariThe dish presented a very generous serving with plenty of really soft and tender squid containing a very light crumb, though lacking crispness. It was under-seasoned but easily fixed with a touch of salt. The roasted tomato sauce wasn’t necessary though I liked the fennel, olive and caper mixture. Really delicious.  

The fish of the day – Barramundi $17

Blackbird - Barramundi

Black Angus veal fillet, dauphinoise potato, buttered greens, dijon cream $39

Blackbird - Black Angus Veal FilletI did have a little taste of the mains. The barramundi was really soft, perfectly cooked,  nice and buttery. The Black Angus veal fillet carries a lovely meaty flavour, is tender, a tad pink in the middle but well complemented by the lovely creamy sauce. The soft dauphinoise potato was also tasty too.  

Risotto of Mussels, market fish, chorizo, saffron $32

Blackbird - Risotto of Mussels

I ordered risotto. The risotto was perfect, soft, moist, slightly rich and creamy, perfectly partnered with the meaty and slight salty burst of chorizo. Some small but very juicy mussels with the taste of the sea were delicious. There were also soft pieces of fish to enjoy. Needs a wedge of lemon for some acidity to cut through the richness, rather than the slice of lemon.


Assiette de Dessert for 3 $40

Blackbird - Assiette De Dessert

  • Coconut and lemon cake
  • Profiteroles with English cream
  • Orange chocolate mousse
  • Vanilla semifreddo
  • Caramel chocolate tart

While full, one usually finds room in the stomach for some dessert. The assiette de dessert presents several small desserts to sample. The dish for 2 was offered for 3 so we took that up. The coconut cake was quite dense and a tad dry. It needs to be lighter and moist. It’s also quite a large serving and could be smaller. However it carried a nice coconut and subtle lemon flavour. The profiteroles were light but needed a bit of sweetness (where’s the chocolate sauce?) to go with the cream inside. The chocolate mousse is delicious. Firm but not dense, quite light and creamy in texture. This went down well. The semifreddo had a wonderful refreshing vanilla flavour which was so yum. My only complaint is I had to share! The chocolate tart had a strong thick chocolate texture and a lovely pastry tart. There’s also a little cubed fruit salad to take the edge off.


Blackbird Food Review Summary

Verdict: I really enjoyed my dining experience at Blackbird. The service was warm and friendly and the food was excellent, well worth the money (even at full price) given the quality of the dishes. The samples of the perfectly cooked juicy scallops and croquette were excellent. I really enjoyed my entree of calamari which was soft and tender. It was enjoyed with an interesting fennel, olive, and caper filling. For mains, I really enjoyed the risotto which was soft and creamy and had sufficient seafood to add meatiness to the meal, along with the bits of chorizo which also add a touch of saltiness. To finish, the assiette de dessert presented a range of small dessert offerings which were a little mixed given the high standard of dishes served to this point. The large serving of lemon and coconut cake carried nice flavour but was dense and a tad dry. The profiteroles with English cream were lovely but lacked chocolate sauce to add that touch of sweetness. The thick rich caramel chocolate tart had a lovely dense flavour. The chocolate mousse and vanilla semifreddo were super delicious and really finished the night off strongly.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly recommend

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