Dusit Thai – 8 Sep 2015

Cuisine: Thai
Location: Northbridge

I’ve heard good things about Dusit Thai but had never visited so when a Dimmi 50% Flash Special hit my inbox I thought why not and headed there for dinner. Stepping in the restaurant is very large and spacious and is tastefully furnished to give a Thai feel. We were presented with the menu which generally offer small or full size servings. The small turned out to be the right size for us.


Golden Flowers – (small) 4 pieces @ $10.50

Stir fried diced prawns, minced chicken and sweet corn on crispy tartlets

Dusit Thai - Golden Flowers

The outside of each golden flower looks like its not edible but the mini muffin like paper is in fact crunchy pastry holding an interesting filling which is a little rich due to the presence of the corn. Very tasty, intricate, but quite a small serving even if we ordered the small.


Spicy Fish Dumplings (small) $10.50

Deep fried dumplings of fish and curry paste, sprinkled with Kaffir lime leaves and green beans

Dusit Thai - Spicy Fish Dumplings

The next dish carried a bit of kick but featured a typical Thai flavour due to the Thai basil. Really lovely flavour, particularly enjoyed with the sweet chilli sauce.


Beef Massaman Curry (small) $19.50 (also available as chicken)

Dusit Thai - Beef Massaman Curry

I’m a big fan of Massaman curry but I also love red and green curries so it was a tough choice. There’s very tender chunks of meat and soft potato that had absorbed the lovely creamy curry. This was a lovely dish but lacked the intensity of flavour I was expecting. Ramp it up a few notches and the dish is doing itself proud.


Papaya Salad (small) $14.50

Shredded green papaya, tomatoes, green bean, roasted peanut and dried shrimp lightly pounded with spicy sweet lemon dressing

Dusit Thai - Papaya Salad

The papaya salad was simply quite disappointing. While the salad was moist, it was chewy and didn’t carry the fresh burst of flavour normally associated with this type of salad. There was a chilli kick in my last bite but generally the salad lacked punch.


Chicken Pad Thai $19.50 (vegetable and prawn varieties also available)

One of the most popular dishes in Thailand, Rice noodle stir fried with choices of your meat in our own Pad Thai sauce topped with crushed roasted peanuts served with a wedge of lemon and raw bean sprouts.

Dusit Thai - Pad Thai

I really like a good pad Thai so that was an easy choice and this was the best dish of the night. Lovely soft noodles, the crunch of the fine peanuts, that slight tinge of sweetness as typical with a pad Thai, this made for a really delicious dish.


Deep Fried Fish Fillets with Tamarind Sauce – $ Market Price (also available as prawn or tofu varieties)

Selection of your meat sauté in our own sweet and tangy tamarind sauce

Dusit Thai - Deep Fried Fish Fillets with Tamarind Sauce

The dish presented two large fillets of fish with a nice golden brown batter. The fish is cooked nice and tender, reasonably crisp, but the tamarind sauce was a let down. I think of versions I’ve eaten elsewhere like Red Basil Thai which was far superior. The sauce was really lacking punch.


Coconut Ice Cream $4 per scoop

Imported Thai Ice Cream – yam, durian, coconut or jackfruit ice cream

Dusit Thai - Coconut ice cream

Mor Gang $6.50

Little cake made from mung beans, palm sugar and coconut cream

Dusit Thai - Mor gang

Mixed Thai Dessert $12.50

Small pieces of mor gang, jelly coconut cream, pumpkin custard, sticky rice and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Dusit Thai - Mixed Thai Desserts

I was eyeing off a few desserts and was stuck on what to get when I saw there was a mixed desserts option which I happily selected. I really liked the mor gang, the mung bean cake which was moist and had a delicious flavour. I also loved the pumpkin custard which was fantastic. I also like sticky rice but this version was a thick chewy lump. Two of the jellys were ok but the third was really nice. So full.


Dusit Thai Food Review Summary

Verdict: I’ve been to a few Thai restaurants and while I’ve heard good things about Dusit Thai, I didn’t feel the experience lived up to the reputation built up. There are much better Thai restaurants than this. I thought that some of the dishes are not worth the price and there was an inconsistency in execution. The entrees were a great start to the night, different, and were tasty. The beef Massaman curry was tasty but required a ramp up in intensity of flavour, while the deep fried fish fillets in tamarind sauce, while cooked well, could have presented more crunch and more depth of flavour in the tamarind sauce. The papaya salad was really disappointing, moist, but chewy and quite dry in the mouth. The best dish of the night which would do itself proud in any Thai restaurant was the Pad Thai which was delicious. The desserts were a bit of a mixed bag with strong call outs to the delicious mor gang and pumpkin custard, but the thick chewy sticky rice was a let down. Despite getting a 50% discount, I certainly wouldn’t be happy to pay full price from a food perspective. The atmosphere and service though is commendable.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Great
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again

Dusit Thai Restaurant Details

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