Palsaik Namoo – 18 Sep 2015

Cuisine: Korean BBQ
Location: Perth CBD, Barrack St

I’m continuing my journey of Korean restaurants and today’s visit is to Pslsaik Namoo. I’ve yet to try Korean BBQ and that will have to wait for another day as I settled on the beef bulgogi combo. There’s a variety of bulgogi varieties available on the menu, entrees, soups, and then the Korean BBQ which can rise steeply in price depending on what you’re getting. I’m not sure what palsaik translates to but it’s a name of a dish featured in the menu – a selection of 8 pork belly varieties in one dish which looks very intriguing.

Palsaik Namoo - Korean sides of pickled bean sprouts, kimchi, soup

As is the custom in Korean restaurants, a series of sides is presented: pickled bean sprouts, kimchi of course, and a soup which I believe was red bean miso.
I started with the soup which is really delicious and a nice way to start the meal. I waited for my main meal before eating the other sides as they compliment the meal.


Beef Bulgogi Combo (with Fried Dumplings) @ $13.50

Palsaik Namoo - Beef Bulgogi Combo

My mains arrived after a reasonable wait and wow, what a generous serving! There’s plenty of tender beef bulgogi to enjoy with steamed rice and a salad. I purposely got the combo because I was eyeing off some of the entrees and the combo allows you to choose dumplings. I opted for the fried dumplings which have a vegetable filling and is pretty tasty. The outside is golden brown and crispy but a little chewy.

The beef bulgogi is delicious, full of flavour, and quite rich with the onions. The steamed rice helps to soak up the juices and marinade and take some of the rich edge off. The salad also helps to achieve the same effect and I haven’t seen a restaurant serve a salad with bulgogi. The salad resembles something akin to that served in a Japanese restaurant. The kimchi provides a hit of chilli but not too much that it’s unbearable. After eating a bit of salad to cool the palette down, moving on to the refreshing pickled bean sprouts is like a burst of freshness. Really tasty. This was a lovely meal which I did finish but was totally stuffed.


Palsaik Namoo Food Review Summary

Verdict: The menu presents a range of dishes spanning entrees, soups, bulgogi, and Korean BBQ. I should try Korean BBQ but I opted for the combo which afforded the opportunity to choose some fried dumplings from the entree section and get some beef bulgogi. The fried dumplings are tasty and encase a vegetable filling. The beef bulgogi is tender and delicious, the marinade and juices can be soaked up by the steamed rice. Being a rich dish, the rice, salad, kimchi, soup and refreshing pickled bean sprouts help to take the edge off and add additional flavours, like the slight spicy chilli hit from the kimchi which is excellent. The price is ridiculously cheap for the generous serving and while I polished it off, it was more to not waste food. I was totally stuffed but I was satisfied with my meal and the experience. The venue is lovely and you can people watch while you eat.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

Palsaik Namoo Restaurant Details

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