Shikisai Japanese Cooking Classes

I’d recently travelled to Japan and had a wonderful time. I went on an Intrepid food tour to discover Japanese cuisine, the history, and culture. We also attended a few cooking classes along the way so I can try and recreate some of the delicious dishes we came across. If you can’t make it to Japan, then the next best thing is visiting a cooking class and creating your own Japanese creations in your own kitchen. Fortunately, I came across one here in Victoria Park, Shikisai Japanese Cooking Classes, run by Kyoko Seta from Osaka.


Shikisai Japanese Cooking ClassesShikisai Japanese Cooking Classes are professional classes held at a commercial kitchen facility or in the student’s own home, run by a qualified Japanese chef. Learn to prepare exquisite dishes simply and with quality ingredients. Shikisai Cooking also provides special Vegan/Vegetarian “Shojin Ryori” cooking classes.

Shikisai Japanese Cooking Classes will bring delicious, healthy Japanese cuisine into your life and home.

The word “Shikisai” is translated as “the colour of four seasons.” This name was chosen because Japanese foods are often designed to represent the colours of a season, or even all four seasons. Shikisai also evokes the source and provenance of quality ingredients we should always aim to use in our cooking – seasonal foods give a dish its unique taste and meaning.

Shikisai’s vision is to teach people the basic lifelong skills to prepare healthy, exquisite Japanese dishes, simply and with quality ingredients. As the principal cooking teacher, I am an experienced Japanese cook specialising in Osakan-style dishes. I have lived in Perth since 1998, and run a popular WA Japanese restaurant with my husband.

Shikisai Cooking offers classes in basic and advanced Japanese cooking, sushi and teriyaki, deep frying Japanese-style, Osechi Ryori (New Year foods), and also provides specialist Vegan/Vegetarian “Shojin Ryori” cooking classes, including sushi-making. One of the advanced cooking classes teaches sanmai oroshi (3-piece fish filleting method).

I also provide Japanese cooking demonstrations for events and groups.

Kyoko Seta 

Principal Cooking Teacher


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