Sushi Wawa – 19 Sep 2015

Cuisine: Japanese, sushi
Location: Innaloo, next to Ikea

I’d first visited Sushi Wawa on invitation when they first opened last year. Located next to Ikea in Innaloo, you have no excuse not to visit and don’t say there’s nothing to choose as the menu is expansive. Offering over 100 dishes ranging from different types of sushi to items from the al a carte menu, the restaurant offers an array of Japanese cuisine made fresh by the 4 experienced chefs who roll out their creations on a 62 metre sushi train! Impressive. The restaurant is open 7 days a week for lunch and in the evenings from Wednesday to Sunday. There’s plenty of parking nearby and they offer take-away or platters for any special events. In the relaxed casual layout, the restaurant also caters towards families with a dedicated kids zone to keep them entertained.

I’d managed to time my entrance towards the end of the lunchtime crowd or so I thought. Instead, there was a full restaurant with a queue of people waiting on the sides for a spare table. Fortunately the staff immediately greet you, take down your name and number of people, inform you of the wait time and direct you to a seat. It was only 5 or or so minutes before I was approached and taken to a table. One can immediately start surveying the numerous dishes that pass by on the conveyor belt or you can jump to the menu and order straight from there. Some dishes need to be ordered but most of the sushi is probably rolling past. With a huge selection, it’s difficult to match up what you want in the menu with what’s passing by on the conveyor belt. So if you have skills like picking out a suspect from a line up go for it, else, order form the menu or just randomly pick whatever dish looks appealing. The way the service operates is each plate is colour coded representing a price so you know what you’re up for as the plates start piling up. At your table, booth, or bar, are condiments like soy sauce and there’s also serviettes and chopsticks. At the end of the meal, call a member of staff over and they will tally up your order with the different colour plates which you take to the counter and settle. Easy.


Popcorn Prawns

Sushi Wawa - Popcorn Prawn

I’d heard this was one of their specialities and had been meaning to visit again but never got round to it. So when this plate rolled by I immediately made a dash for it. The popcorn prawns were really delicious with a hint of chilli for extra flavour. The chilli adds a really interesting flavour and turns it from crumbed prawns to something special.


Salmon Nigiri Sushi

Sushi Wawa - Salmon Nigiri SushiIf at a sushi restaurant it’s hard to go past salmon so a plate of salmon nigiri sushi was quickly snapped up and gobbled. Yum!  

3 Mix Sashimi

Sushi Wawa - 3 Mix Sashimi

I really like sashimi so the 3 mix sashimi quickly made it’s way off the conveyor belt and on to the bar before being submerged in a touch of soy sauce and enjoyed. Mmm.


Slightly Torched Mackeral on Rice

Sushi Wawa - Slightly Torched Mackeral on RiceAfter a look at the menu and keeping an eye out, I was after a couple of dishes to finish off, thought dessert was a tempting option. Instead I was able to grab one of the many waitstaff and place an order. After a short while, my two dishes were presented. Slightly torched mackeral on rice, yep, add that to my tab. The mackeral has a lovely flamed flavour but the fish itself has quite an intense fish flavour. Still liked it though.   

Bags of deep fried tofu stuffed with rice and topped with lobster

Sushi Wawa - Bags of deep fried tofu stuffed with rice and topped with lobster

Wow, what a finish to my meal. This was so delicious, I really loved it!


Sushi Wawa Food Review Summary

Verdict: I was really happy to stop by and grab some lunch before heading off to Ikea and the nearby Spud Shed for some shopping. I really enjoyed my visit last time and this time was no different. Whilst very busy, it was only a 5 minute wait before I could drool over the plentiful dishes coasting by on the conveyor belt. I had my sights set on the popcorn prawn and was surprised to see it on the conveyor belt so I jumped on that one and really enjoyed the light crumb, but particularly, that slight hum of chilli which takes it to another level. After that I enjoyed some salmon nigiri sushi, 3 mix sashimi, and slightly torched mackerel on rice. I also ordered one of the highlights of the meal, deep fried tofu surrounding rice and lobster. This dish was superb, so full of flavour and moistness. I was pretty full after that selection and left very happy. Quality meal.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend


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