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Earlier in the year I took a road trip through the South West of WA and had a wonderful time discovering the various sights and delicious produce available. On my way to Denmark I stopped in to Bartholomews Meadery. They sell all kinds of natural honey, honey variants like chocolate honey (they do have taste tests available), chocolates, and honey wine. They also sell honey ice creams. I had a mocha honey variety and a spiced honey variety along with picking up some tubs of honey and a jar of chocolate honey. The ice cream is delicious.

I’ve never tasted honey like that sold here. The taste and flavour is so much superior to that sold in the shops, fruit & veg shops, or even farmer’s markets. I bought a Jarrah wandoo variety and a wandoo variety. The Jarrah version has a slight woody eucalyptus flavour which is tasty. However, I particularly liked the wandoo flavour. Just a dash of honey to my porridge adds enough sweetness and a delicious flavour. Excellent to use in cooking or in dressings, the flavour makes whatever you’re cooking that much tastier. I also liked the chocolate honey which is like a spread.

So I was very disappointed when my honey ran out. Fortunately, they have an online shop so you don’t need to make the drive all the way to Denmark. Shipping is free over $150 (yep, that’s a lot of honey) but gather a few friends and family together and place an order. I got some more wandoo honey which I’m just loving and definitely some more chocolate honey found it’s way into my cart. I also bought hazelnut honey and vanilla honey. The hazelnut honey is really tasty and thick like a spread. The vanilla honey is just like honey with the vanilla bean adding flavour to the honey. I also had a taste of cinnamon honey which carries a lovely flavour.

The South West of WA offers remarkable produce and the untamed beauty allows really delicious honey to be produced. I highly recommend you give Bartholomews Meadery a go to see what you’re missing out on.

If you’re heading to Denmark then this is a must stop place, if only for the ice cream at the very least! Not too far away in relative terms of heaps of kilometers between will be very refreshed to see a sign that says chocolate lounge ahead! Annie’s Swiss Fine Chocolates, or also known as Denmark Chocolates, sells chocolate, drinks, alcoholic variants, and local jams, spreads, conserves.


Bartholomews Meadery

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