Media Release: Your Tea – New Cafe Tea Range

Your Tea Logo

Here at Your Tea, we do things differently to most.

We create modern tea blends using ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.

Just as nature intended, we pluck herbs and tea leaves from the earth and and straight to you… for your body’s deserved consumption. Delicious indeed… in every which way.

Our philosophy is quite simple; we believe in treating your body with love and respect.

As such, our blends have been designed to deliver you pure and simple, natural solutions so you can achieve wellness.

Derived from the Fujian Province in China, our teas are picked and packed during the seasons that are most suitable to creating the perfect drop of tea.

Our quality is nothing short of excellent, for you place your health in our hands… we take this responsibility seriously.

We may be Aussies at heart, yet we embody a fervent multicultural streak given our products are devoured worldwide. From New Zealand to Brazil, there is someone drawing a steaming hot cup of Your Tea to their anticipated lips.

Each day, the interaction with our thirsty Your Tea family keeps us grounded and thinking about the ways in which we can enhance and improve. Proactivity is a wonderful thing and for us, something that has lead us to creating our trusted salubrious drops of Your Tea blends.

That’s us.

We hope our cuppa, becomes your cuppa.

For more info check out the website and the New Cafe Tea Range.