Old Cathay Chinese Cuisine – 15 Oct 2015

Cuisine: Chinese
Location: Victoria Park, Albany Hwy near Causeway

I occasionally check out my fellow food bloggers and Cyn from The Food Pornographer had her birthday at Old Cathay Chinese Cuisine which had some really tasty looking dishes which piqued my interest so I headed there for dinner. It’s located on Albany Highway directly opposite the causeway so either find a spare parking spot in front of the restaurant or just catch a bus and walk across, particularly if you’re in the city. The menu presents a range of dishes which have a more Malaysian Chinese slant as informed by one of the staff.


Marmite Chicken $20.80

Old Cathay Chinese - Marmite Chicken

This is one of the dishes Cyn recommended as a must try. Don’t be put off by marmite, just go with it. A lovely plate of crispy chicken covered in a light marmite sauce is served and it is really delicious! The marmite flavour is a little unusual but it’s not too overpowering and the slight crunch of the chicken adds a nice texture, the sweet burst from the lychees offsets the slight malty taste of the marmite.


Yong Chow Fried Rice $12.90

Old Cathay Chinese - Yong Chow Fried Rice

The large serving of fried rice just glistened. I was pretty hungry so I was happy when the dishes were served and I dived straight in. The fried rice is really moist and carries great flavour, I lapped it up.


Pan-Fried Patagonian Toothfish in Light Soy $29.80

Old Cathay Chinese - Pan-Fried Patagonian Toothfish in Light Soy

I’ve eaten patagonian toothfish before but despite the fish having a light batter, I didn’t think the dish carried a huge amount of flavour. The fish is served in a subtle garlic ginger infused sauce which is nice but I wanted more oomph.


Dong Po Style Pork Belly $22.80

Old Cathay Chinese - Dong Po Style Pork Belly

Served in a thickish soup akin to chicken and sweet corn, a large piece of pork belly was served with knife, fork, and a spoon. It simply cut like butter, such was the tenderness. There’s quite a large thick layer of fat which is tender, but I thought the dish could have done with a little more flesh. Having said that, the serving is more than ample and the pork belly is delicious. The thickish soupy sauce is really tasty too and particularly enjoyed with the Chinese buns, mantau, which are available steamed or deep fried. Deep fried for me please! They’re yum.


Mantau Deep Fried Chinese Buns $4

Old Cathay Chinese - Mantau Deep Fried Chinese Buns

Mango Ice Cream $5

Old Cathay Chinese - Mango Ice Cream

Sago Gula Melaka $6.80

Old Cathay Chinese - Sago Gula Melaka

Fried Ice Cream $6.90

Old Cathay Chinese - Fried Ice Cream

All that food starts to really sneak up on you and before you know it you’re left hoovering up the leftovers. Where’s room for dessert that I was saving? Maybe being a bit of a glut but it’s hard to pass up dessert when I had eyed it right from the start so it was fried ice cream for me. A pretty large mound of vanilla ice cream was presented covered in a coconut batter and fried. The batter was really thin and didn’t have any crunch which was disappointing. Not that well executed but the batter, coconut, and ice cream tasted really delicious so I was more than satisfied.


Old Cathay Food Review Summary

Verdict: I’ve been to many Chinese restaurants but visiting Old Cathay presented dishes that I haven’t eaten before and were very different to that previously experienced. The fried rice was moist and delicious, full of flavour, and I really enjoyed the slightly crunchy chicken coated in a light marmite sauce. A slightly different flavour to what one is used but it’s tasty and really gets you hooked. The patagonian toothfish is a lovely fish served in a subtle garlic and ginger sauce but it lacked oomph. The cut like butter super tender pork belly in that lovely soupy sauce was also delicious, particularly enjoyed with the Chinese buns, mantau. For dessert, I enjoyed fried ice cream, the batter while not crispy, coconut and vanilla ice cream combine for a lovely finish to an excellent meal.
Price: Reasonable (also in the Entertainment Book)
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


Old Cathay Chinese Restaurant Details

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