Dux Restaurant – 19 Nov 2015

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Cafe
Location: Como – South Terrace

I’ve got a few Dimmi $50 food vouchers waiting to be spent so I chose Dux Restaurant which looked appealing. There is parking available which is shared with the surrounding businesses when you turn off South Terrace. Walking inside the venue, it doesn’t look particularly large but it’s deceiving as there’s plenty of seating including outside. The staff have a youthful innocence but were friendly and looked after us well throughout the night. The menu offers a range of choice which is more on the fine dining side but still enjoyed in an un-fine dining relaxing atmosphere. Some of the produce is straight from the garden and the use of salads to pair with dishes is evident in our first dish.


Dux Tasting Plate $39

Dux Restaurant - Dux Tasting Plate

The Dux tasting plate seemed like a good choice and changes periodically, offering different entrees. Today’s version included:

  • Persian feta and fig tart, caramelised shallots, basil, home grown red lettuce salad, balsamic reduction
  • Chicken ballotine, with prosciutto, ricotta and sage, beetroot puree, goat’s curd, almond flakes, fresh home-grown salad leaves
  • Seared Scallops, pulled grass fed pork shoulder, fennel and apple salad, cider jus

The tart is really delicious with a soft fluffy Persian feta cheese filling, quite rich but balanced effectively with a salad. The presence of the figs in the salad provide sweetness and a contrast to the richness. The bits of feta in the salad was also tasty providing a different type of creaminess and a slight salty punch.

The chicken ballotine was super tender and had a lovely flavour. The goat’s curd provides a nice touch of richness to the dish and the slight acidity from the beetroot in the salad balances the flavours out.

The scallop was very well cooked, juicy, and a generous size. It combines nicely with shredded pork and an apple salad. A very clever pairing.

The only downside to the tasting plate is presentation – it looks like a heap of food all melded together. A minor point but maybe a larger plate required to differentiate each dish and their elements from one another.


Fish of the Day – Goldband Snapper $39

Dux Restaurant - Fish of the day - Goldband snapper

I had a small taste of the fish which was soft, moist and well cooked. It came with soft creamy mash, lovely brussel sprouts with balsamic glaze though a little undercooked, as too, the beans. I liked the blistered cherry tomatoes.


Confit Duck Maryland, red cabbage and onion tart, roquette, poached pear and goat’s curd salad, apple balsamic reduction $38

Dux Restaurant - Confit Duck Maryland

I also had a small taste of the duck which was fantastic, soft, tender, succulent and bursting with flavour. The skin was nice and crunchy too. The red cabbage and onion tart was also delicious.


Pork Trio, grilled loin, onion jam, slow cooked belly, crumbed rillette, cauliflower purée, orange infused capsicum essence $39

Dux Restaurant - Pork Trio

The grilled pork loin was a little overcooked as it had dried out a bit. It came with a rich creamy cauliflower purée which was delicious and the caramelized apple combined nicely. The pork belly was tasty, not chewy, though a little dry. It was served atop kale with a sweet orange and balsamic sauce that went too far on the sweet side. As for the crumbed rillette, I absolutely loved it! Very rich, soft and tender on the inside but nice and crunchy on the outside.


Chocolate Panforte $4

Dux Restaurant - Chocolate Panforte

A rich dark, firm and slightly chewy slice with fruit and nuts. Nice!


Affogato $6 – 2 shots of coffee

Dux Restaurant - Affogato

Dux Pedro Truffle $4

Dux Restaurant - Dux Pedro Truffle

The chocolate truffle had a soft gooey texture in the center which was very nice and chocolatey.


Peanut Butter Parfait with salted caramel sauce, dark chocolate sorbet, goat’s milk yoghurt and ginger crumble $15

Dux Restaurant - Peanut Butter Parfait

The peanut butter parfait tasted just like peanut butter but with a lovely smoothness. The gooey thick salted caramel provided that gluggy peanut butter I need some milk texture in your mouth. The ginger crumb is a nice touch and the ginger flavour hangs in the back of your palette counteracting the creaminess of the parfait. The dark chocolate ice cream on the other hand is really really dark in flavour to really contrast against the peanut butter flavour. A splash of goat’s milk yoghurt was much needed. The presentation of this element is clever as it looks like it’s spewing out of the dark chocolate! A very yum naughty and filling dessert.


Dux Food Review Summary

Verdict: Dux functions as a cafe during the day and turns into a restaurant serving quality food at night. While the menu is more on the fine dining side, the appeal of the venue and relaxing surrounds make it casual yet intimate. We started with the Dux Tasting Plate which offers 3 entrees which change regularly. While crowded on the plate, each element was excellent. I really liked the Persian feta and fig tart with a lovely salad, the fig providing a nice sweetness against the backdrop of the rich creamy Persian feta. The chicken ballotine was really tender and tasty, also paired with a salad, the acidity of the beetroot offsetting any richness of the chicken, goat’s curd and almonds. The seared scallops were perfectly cooked and paired cleverly with pulled pork and apple. For mains I enjoyed the pork trio though the grilled pork loin was a tad dry, as too the pork belly. Nonetheless, they were tasty elements with a creamy cauliflower purée and kale in balsamic and orange glaze, though a little too sweet. The rillette, though, was fantastic! Rich soft and tender on the inside, nice and crunchy on the outside. For dessert I indulged in the peanut butter parfait which was smooth but carried the peanut butter flavour effectively. It was starkly contrasted against the strong flavour of the dark chocolate, though the goat’s milk yoghurt added a freshness to the dish. A very enjoyable experience.
Price: Moderately Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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