Nomstar Ramen – 15 Nov 2015

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: Waterford Plaza, Karawara (opposite Curtin University)

I’ve never really understood the big fuss about ramen till I went to Japan. The Japanese were the first to invent instant noodles which became a popular after school snack so noodles certainly became a favourite. But there’s so much more to ramen and the really good ramen restaurants don’t just make excellent ramen noodles but it’s all about the broth. Which leads me to a new addition to Waterford Plaza, Nomstar Ramen.


Recently opened I was here to check it out and you can do your shopping if you need an excuse to visit with Coles and IGA here. The menu is very concise, but it’s best to do a few dishes really well rather than offer heaps on the menu and do most of them poorly. Since they’re new, I’m sure more dishes will appear on the menu as things settle down.

There are 3 versions of ramen on the menu and they come with chasu pork, soft boiled egg and a complimentary side dish. I also ordered the chasu pork bun, spicy style.


Chasu Pork Bun $4.50

Nomstar Ramen - Chasu Pork Bun

The chasu pork bun is available in a spicy or non-spicy version. This is the Chinese version of a taco, using a dough akin to steamed pork buns but not as sticky. I’ve had these before at a few places and I like them.

The version here were so delicious, I absolutely loved them! Really soft bao (bun) encasing extremely tender and slightly fatty pork which added a lovely flavour. Combined with a lovely blend of spices which delivered the oomph in this dish and the refreshing thinly sliced cucumber for freshness, this was amazing. The spicy version is completely bearable so don’t be put off.


Ramen – #2 Black $16

Homemade thin ramen noodle accompanied by shoyu (soy sauce) tonkatsu broth with all the flavours & a strong note of soy sauce

Nomstar Ramen - #2 Black Ramen

Available in white or black versions, the black version has a stronger salty flavour due to the soy sauce but if you want something milder, then go for the white. I went for the black which delivered a big bowl of the broth with thin ramen noodles, 2 slices of pork, broccoli and spring onions. The dish also comes with a soft boiled egg but I asked for it to be omitted as I don’t like eggs.

The broth has a lovely depth of flavour and combines nicely with the delicious thin noodles. It can become a little intense as you eat through the dish so the pickled bean sprouts help refresh the palette and take the edge off. Even though it’s soy sauce based, the broth isn’t overly salty. I like the pork which is tasty adding protein and meatiness to the dish and the fatty part gives a burst of richness as well.


Black Sesame Ice Cream $4.50

Nomstar Ramen - Black Sesame Ice Cream

I was very satisfied with lunch but after a bowl of ramen that warms you up, you need something to cool you down, and water wasn’t going to cut it. Can’t go past dessert! Time for ice cream. The yum black sesame seed ice cream did the trick. I like the crunch of the sesame seeds too. The ice cream is lovely, nice and smooth with a lovely flavour.


Nomstar RamenFood Review Summary

Verdict: Nom nom nom. Yep, a visit here will have you slurping on delicious ramen. Newly opened there are 3 ramen varieties on offer and I chose the black version which is soy sauce based. A big bowl of tasty thin noodles is to be enjoyed with a broth offering depth of flavour and while a little intense, the broccoli and pickled bean sprouts help take the edge off, the latter, refreshing the palette. Tender pork adds meatiness to the meal and richness via the fatty part which is delicious. I also got the chasu pork bun and it was amazing! I loved the fatty pork giving a burst of flavour while the blend of spices deliver the flavour punch. To finish off, smooth black sesame ice cream was thoroughly enjoyed, cooling the mouth and contrasting in texture with the crunch of the black sesame seeds.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

Nomstar Ramen Restaurant Details
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