The Craftsman – 7 Nov 2015

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Pub Food
Location: Cannington, Carousel Shopping Center

After seeing Burnt the other night, Hoyts gave me $9 movie tickets to be used within a week so I headed to Carousel again. After the movie I had built up quite an appetite so I decided to visit The Craftsman again. We had a really lovely experience a few nights ago but I was determined to not miss out on dessert this time around. It was pretty busy all over the large venue so the people must really rate it.


Scallop & Prawn Linguine – scallops, prawns, chorizo, onion, linguini pasta, chilli, napolitana $24.90

The Craftsman - Scallop & Prawn Linguine

I had a small taste of this dish. Really delicious sauce evoking delicious seafood flavours encasing nicely cooked pasta. I had a juicy scallop too. Yum.


Gnocchi Ragu – Potato gnocchi tossed with braised lamb, red wine, spinach & parmesan $23.90

The Craftsman - Gnocchi Ragu

I was pretty hungry so I had a very generous plate of potato gnocchi to launch into. The gnocchi was well cooked, soft and delicious and submerged in a flavoursome ragu sauce. A sprinkling of Parmesan adds a touch of saltiness to the dish but it needed a little more seasoning (just grab the salt shaker for a little sprinkle). There were a few chunks of lamb which was super soft after being braised long and slow in red wine. This added some more depth to the dish. I enjoyed the dish but the sheer quantity does make it a little monotonous after a while though it hit the spot for me.


Individual pavlova, with mixed berry coulis $8.90

The Craftsman - Pavlova

The description says individual but they served two on the plate! That’s a ridiculous amount of dessert for one person, even more ridiculous for the price!


Trio of homemade desserts – mini sticky date, mini chocolate pudding, mini apple crumble $9.90

The Craftsman - Trio of Homemade Desserts

Dessert heaven – I can’t possibly easy all this! No warning was given by the waitstaff though the prior night they did say the servings are generous. I already figured that out after dining here. I love the sticky date pudding in a delicious caramel sauce. This got hoovered down in no time. The chocolate pudding stopped me in my tracks. The chocolate pudding is very very deep and chocolatey. Definitely need to make use of the whipped cream and go to the other desserts to offset the chocolateyness. The Apple crumble has a much milder softer flavour which is needed to balance out the strong chocolate pudding. So full but satisfied. The price is a steal for all that!


The Craftsman Food Review Summary

Verdict: I was back again at The Craftsman and so were many other people who packed out the venue on a Saturday afternoon. I ordered the gnocchi ragu which presented a huge serving. The gnocchi was well cooked, soft and delicious and submerged in a flavoursome ragu sauce. I also enjoyed the chunks of lamb which was super soft after being braised long and slow in red wine. I was determined to grab dessert and the trio of desserts was clearly too much for one person, with no warning given by the waitstaff. Nonetheless, I polished off the sticky date pudding in a delicious caramel sauce, before making my way through nearly all the thick chocolate sauce surrounding the chocolate pudding which was very yum. The apple crumble is much more subtle and lighter in flavour which is much needed to compliment the other desserts. So stuffed! You definitely won’t go home hungry and you definitely get your money’s worth, just ensure you rock up with a big appetite otherwise your plate will be far from empty.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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