The Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen – 18 Nov 2015

Cuisine: Italian, French, Modern Australian
Location: Perth CBD – Wesley Quarter

Another day another dollar but today I was fortunate to have the pleasure of being taken out to lunch by one of our clients, a rarity since the GFC. We dined at The Painted Bird where I’ve previously eaten and had an excellent dining experience. Today was no different.


4 Selections from the Charcuterie Section $18

The Painted Bird - 4 Selections from the Charcuterie Section

From the charcuterie section there are 5 dishes but they also offer a selection of 4 dishes for $18 so it was a matter of eliminating 1 dish. We chose the following;

  • Prosciutto di Parma $12
  • Pork & pistachio terrine with piccalilli  $10
  • Grilled chorizo with lemon $9
  • Chicken liver parfait, px syrup, raisins $9.50

I really enjoyed the sourdough bread smothered with butter and then spreading the chicken liver parfait on top. Along with the hint of px syrup and raisins, the slight touch of sweetness contrasts to the richness of the liver. The chorizo carried a different flavour to that I’ve previously eaten, a slightly more concentrated flavour but lacking the spiciness. Really tasty. I like the crunch. I also liked the terrine which had the pork flavour but was not as strong or intense, nor rich as in other versions I’ve eaten before.

The Painted Bird - Sourdough Bread

Wagyu beef carpaccio, truffled potato dressing, pear and rocket salad & crostini $21

The Painted Bird - Wagyu beef carpaccio

Sliced really thinly the Wagyu had a rich creamy flavour and was accompanied by a lovely dressing to provide moisture to the sharp salad. The crostini was very crunchy and had a slight flavour of Parmesan. Tasty.


Reuben steak burger: slow cooked skirt steak, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and mustard $17

The Painted Bird - Reuben steak burger

Steak frites: slow cooked skirt steak, béarnaise, chips and garden salad  $26

The Painted Bird - Steak frites

Beef Fillet with creamy risotto

The Painted Bird - Beef fillet on a creamy risotto.

Crisp skinned Tasmanian salmon, gnocchi, prosciutto, peas, fennel & romesco $29

The Painted Bird - Crisp skinned Tasmanian salmon,  gnocchi

The salmon was perfectly cooked, juicy, succulent and moist. It was perfectly seasoned and it had a lovely crispy skin. I absolutely loved it! I thought the romesco sauce was an unnecessary element which didn’t pair well with the salmon but all is forgiven with those amazing parcels of gnocchi. Wow! They were unbelievable and I enjoyed every one on the plate. Along with the other elements it made for a pretty special dish.


Broccolini with garlic butter and pangrattato $10

The Painted Bird - Broccolini Pangrattato

The broccolini was a little bit firm but I like the crumb and garlic butter.


Smashed potatoes with chimichurri and fried egg $10

The Painted Bird - Smashed potatoes with chimichurri and fried egg

The smashed potato was really tender but still held it’s shape and melted in your mouth. The oiliness of the chimmichurri adds a real yum factor to the potatoes.


Painted Bird Food Review Summary

Verdict: The Painted Bird is a great choice for a business lunch and we started off with a selection of 4 dishes from the charcuterie section for just $18. The sourdough bread was delicious smothered with chicken liver parfait, the px syrup and raisins adding that sweet touch to offset the richness. I also liked the pork terrine which wasn’t too intense in flavour and balanced by the piccalilli, a relish. The chorizo was crunchy and had a less intense spicy flavour but other flavours shone through, and who doesn’t like indulging in some priscuitto. Along with our mains we enjoyed some broccolini that needed a little more cooking for my liking but it was paired with garlic butter and a crunchy pangrattato crumb. The smashed potatoes still held their shape despite being tender and the slight oiliness from the chimmichurri made it very yummy. As for my salmon, it was absolutely delicious! Perfectly cooked, tender, succulent, moist with a crisp skin, it was enjoyed with amazing parcels of gnocchi that were an absolute standout. Another excellent dining experience.
Price: Moderately Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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