The Standard – 27 Nov 2015

Cuisine: Tapas, Bar Food
Location: Northbridge – Roe St

On a bright summer’s day my tummy was rumbling and that meant it’s time for lunch so I headed to The Standard to try something new. Walking in to the airy and breezy open venue, The Standard offers a bar and tapas style restaurant with an open air garden out the back to enjoy a drink in the night overlooking the city lights. I had a quick peak at the menu before leaving work and chose the following:


Garlic clams, cider, cream, chives, sourdough $19


There’s a more than decent serving of clams served in their shells dotted with chives, chunks of sweetened garlic, and the rich creamy sauce which is delicious. The clams are tasty, though some are a little chewy. Using the sourdough to clean the shells and mop up that delicious sauce works wonders. The sourness in the bread is perfect to counteract the richness of the sauce. A very yum meal. I thought as I was nearing the end that I might need to order another dish but after eating the toasted sourdough bread slices which had a lot of body, I was comfortably full and had room for dessert.


Passion parfait, cachaca jelly, lychee, sesame $14

The Standard - Passion Parfait

This is quite an outstanding dessert. The parfait holds it’s shape but is soft and smooth, melting in your mouth and carries a delicious passionfruit flavour without being too sweet. I’m not a big fan of lychees because they are very sweet. However, the dehydrated version presented here retains all the flavour without the sweetness. It also has a nice soft crunch adding a textual contrast. The burst of moisture and slight sweetness of the lychee gel is most welcome and an excellent element to the dish. The caramelised ‘glass’ shards carry a lovely slightly rich flavour from the sesame seeds. I absolutely lapped it up, plate cleaned, much like my mains. Very satisfied.


The Standard Review Summary

Verdict: The Standard offers an open spaced venue and a garden out the back to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or too and munch on some dishes from their tapas menu. I chose the garlic clams which were tasty and thoroughly enjoyed in a delicious rich creamy sauce with garlic and chives. The toasted sourdough slices were used to mop up the sauce from the clam shells and then I proceeded to clean the dish. Then it was on to dessert and I settled on the passion parfait with lychees which was a stunning dish. The flavour of the passiionfruit comes through in the smooth light parfait but without the sweetness, just melting in your mouth. The dehydrated lychees carry all the flavour but without the sharp sweetness from the fresh version. I particularly enjoyed this element and it pairs perfectly with the parfait presenting delicious summer flavours. The gel carries more lychee flavour, moistness, and a slight burst of sweetness but is well controlled. The caramelised glass shards add a touch of richness via the sesame seeds and all elements tie together in producing an excellent finish to the meal.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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