Grill & Chill – 15 Dec 2015

Cuisine: Indian
Location: East Perth

I haven’t eaten Indian for some time so it was time for a visit to Grill and Chill.


Chicken Lollipop

Grill And Chill Indian - Chicken Lollipop

Grill and Chill continue to persist with a secret menu, their signature honey chilli cauliflower now on the main menu. Whether carnivore or vegetarian, even if you don’t like cauliflower, try this dish and it will change your opinion. However, carnivores have been calling for a similar style dish but with meat so Vikas and his team have been trailing a new dish which is rivalling the great honey chilli cauliflower, chicken lollipop. Vikas was kind enough to present this dish complimentary among the others we ordered.

The chicken lollipop is actually a chicken wing with flesh pulled back and one bone removed so you can hold it in your hand like a lollipop. It’s then deep fried with a light crunch on the outside before being immersed in the sauce. The chicken itself is also spiced and carries a bit of punch of chilli. It’s really delicious and I particularly like the sauce laden with chillies but not hot. I’d still favour the honey chilli cauliflower but the chicken lollipop is an inventive creation.

Grill & Chill - Honey Chilli Cauliflower

Grill & Chill – Honey Chilli Cauliflower


Lamb Cutlets

Grill And Chill Indian - Lamb Cutlets

The lamb cutlets were a little chewy but carries a really lovely yoghurt flavour from the marinade with a nice mild spice. When you add some of the mint chutney over the lamb cutlets it tastes even better!


Chicken Murgh Makhmali

Delightful recipe that mesmerizes your taste buds with pure pleasure. Chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt with hint of cashews, cream, cheese and spices.

Grill And Chill Indian - Chicken Murgh Makhmali

Cooked in a tandoor, the chicken was nice and tasty with a delicious mild flavour and a little creamy, though, it’s not rich. These entrees are really filling me up!


Lamb Dhansak, Chicken Achari Murgh, and Goan Fish Curries

Grill And Chill Indian - Lamb Dhansak, Chicken Achari Murgh, and Goan Fish Curries

  • Lamb Dhansak – Traditional Parsi dish with great texture which combines elements of Persian and Gujarati cuisine where lamb pieces are cooked with lentils and aromatic spices.
  • Chicken Achari Murgh – A lip smacking dish of chicken pieces marinated with fragrant spices used in Indian pickles, cooked in onion & tomato base.
  • Goan Fish Curry – Spicy goan dish of fish cooked with aromatic spices, mustard seeds, whole chilli, coconut cream and curry leaves.

    A few pieces of the lamb were a tad chewy though others were tender. The lamb was immersed in a mild curry with a touch of chilli to balance the plain lentils and add additional flavour to the spice mix. A really enjoyable curry.

    The Chicken Achari Murgh presented very tender pieces of chicken in a creamy curry but with a back of the palette bite. However, this was balanced by the slightly rich tomato and onion curry base. Really tasty.

    The Goan fish curry contained really tender fish immersed in spicy curry which has a coconut cream base but packed full of flavour and spice to remove any creaminess. I like a good Goan curry and it was delicious.


    Butter and Garlic Naans

    Butter naan – cooked in a tandoor and dressed with butter

    (Garlic) Lasooni Naan Naan sprinkled with freshly ground garlic

    Grill And Chill Indian - Butter Naan
    Grill And Chill Indian - Garlic Naan

    I really love the naans served here. Crunchy on the base, soft and light on top, lovely garlic flavour, so delicious. Mop up all that curry on the plate. Yum!


    Gulab Jamun

    Gulab Jamun

    Unfortunately I was really full and had to skip dessert. Others ordered Gulab Jamun and I had a taste of a new kulfi variety which was delicious.


    Grill & Chill Food Review Summary

    Verdict: I’ve eaten here several times and I really enjoy the different creations on offer. We ate the latest new creation, chicken lollipop, which is a rival to the honey chilli cauliflower. It was slightly crunchy and immersed in a delicious chilli sauce though it’s not hot. I also enjoyed the lamb cutlets with mint chutney for more flavour, and the light mild but slightly creamy Chicken Murgh Makhmali. It was then on to the curries where I enjoyed the Lamb Dhansak immersed in a mild curry with a touch of chilli which balanced against the plain lentils. The Chicken Achari Murgh carried a back of the palette bite despite being creamy. The goan fish curry immersed in a coconut base curry packed lots of spice and flavour. These were enjoyed with the delicious crunchy on the bottom soft on the top naans. Totally stuffed but satisfied, I’ve got my Indian fix and it was excellent.
    Price: Reasonable
    Taste: Delicious
    Value: Excellent
    Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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