Paella Republica – 18 Dec 2015

Cuisine: Spanish
Location: Mt Lawley – Beaufort St

I’ve been meaning to make a stop to Paella Republic and was happy to see they’re open for lunch so I hopped on the bus and it stops right outside the restaurant. Convenient!

After having a look at the menu I ordered the Del Mar, the restaurant’s famed seafood paella. All paellas are served with mixed lettuce, red cabbage, capsicum, salsa and cucumber seasoned with lemon and lime. They also serve salads with chorizo or meatballs, bocatos which are kind of like a hamburger, milkshakes and smoothies, drinks, and of course, dessert. Which is none other than churros. Very excited!


Paella Del Mar – Famous Seafood Paella $17.90

Paella Republica - Seafood Paella

Within a short space of time lunch was served in a mini paella pan. There’s plenty of seafood – fish, calamari, mini prawns, and a mussel in the shell. The seafood was all cooked well and the paella itself was very tasty. Maybe a tad oversalted though this may be due to the intenseness of the fish stock the rice was cooked in. The paella served was a little different to what I was expecting, but I thoroughly enjoyed this hearty meal.


Churros For One – 3 Churros & 1 Dip $8.90

Paella Republica - Churros for 1

Now time for dessert! Paella for 1 with dark chocolate sauce (also available in milk or white chocolate, or caramel sauces). Three long crunchy churros were served, dusted with the just the right amount of sugar to give sufficient sweetness and then let the overtones of the liquid dark chocolate sauce take over. Oh so yum! I’m really enjoying this. Totally satisfied, I can now return to work completely invigorated!


Paella Republica Food Review Summary

Verdict: When you think Spanish two things come to mind – paella and churros. Paella Republica serves both, offering a range of paella’s to suit a range of tastes. I opted for the seafood paella and within a short moment was presented with a lovely array of seafood immersed in a fish stock cooked rice with lovely flavour. The seafood was tender and the meal was very hearty, the salad a nice touch to counteract any intenseness from the fish stock. I moved quickly on to dessert and thoroughly enjoyed the light golden brown crispy churros that was lightly dusted with sugar to give just enough sweetness. The churros were enjoyed in lovely liquid dark chocolate which I polished off. This is a lovely little eatery serving a slice of Spain. Yum!
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

Paella Republica Restaurant Details

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