Ria Malay Kitchen – 2 Dec 2015

Cuisine: Malaysian
Location: Leederville – Oxford St

I got an invite to Ria Malay Kitchen as part of the Malaysian Trade Corporation (MATRADE) for a Christmas lunch celebrating Malaysian food, flavours, spices and culture. The chefs at Ria would be preparing a 3 course lunch of Aussie Christmas classics with a Malaysian twist. The event is to promote the use of Malaysian flavours in traditional Malay dishes but also how they can be added to other dishes to add additional flavour.


Starter: Prawn Cocktail

Traditional Prawn cocktail on the bed of rocket with homemade spiced Marie Rose Sauce

Ria Malay Kitchen - Prawn Cocktail

What a generous serving, this can’t be a starter surely? The plentiful prawns are well cooked and dipped in the mayo is delicious. The mayo has a nice chilli kick at the end with a light coconut flavour within the mayo. There’s not that much lettuce but who cares, the mayo is the star. Really delicious.


Entree: Malaysian Style Spare Ribs with Corn Cob

Ria Malay Kitchen - Malaysian Style Spare Ribs with Corn Cob

Some bits were chewy and tough but other bits were very tender, juicy and succulent. I really like the marinade, not too sweet but I would have liked more intensity and a tad extra sweetness. Corn on the cob is yum but bound to get stuck in your teeth!


Appetizer: Johor Bahru Curry Laksa

Rice and egg noodles, fish cake, chicken fried onion, bean shoots, and prawns

Ria Malay Kitchen - Johor Bahru Curry Laksa

The challenge with serving so many people at one time is coordination and keeping things consistent. Unforuntately some of our dishes were served a bit cold in some spots. Everyone was looking forward to laksa though this version didn’t look like the traditional version of a laksa. There’s plenty of yummy noodles and some shredded chicken, more prawns and quite a tasty soup but not much of it. The spice factor had certainly being turned down. I can’t say this was a laksa, I’d rather they stick to the traditional, not fusion for this classic.


Main: Stuffed Chicken Breast

Stuffed chicken breast with Rendang curry, sides of steamed bokchoy and roasted gourmet potatoes

Ria Malay Kitchen - Stuffed Chicken Breast

By this point we were all really full and looking at each other as to how we could possibly prepare ourselves for mains. A rather large plump breast was cut in half, cooked very well, generous in serving as per all the other dishes. The stuffing had a slight peanut flavour, maybe a play on satay, which I would have liked if they explored this flavour more. Otherwise, the stuffing was a bit plain, more like mashed veggies. The potatoes are nice and soft and the buk choy has a mild spiced sauce which adds some flavour to the plain buk choy. I’m really full so it’s hard to fully appreciate the flavours. Stop feeding us!


Dessert: Pandan Crepe with grated Coconut and palm sugar vanilla bean ice cream

Ria Malay Kitchen - Pandan CrepeCoconut

The pandan crepes are really soft and light encasing desicated coconut which was a bit sweet. I really loved the salted walnuts which contrasted against the sweetness of the coconut filling. The jelly cubes are a bit firm but this was a lovely dessert to finish off the meal.

Way too much food, how can I be expected to go back to the office and work! Thanks to all for this wonderful event and yummy food! I’d really like to come back and try the authentic dishes that are served at Ria Malay Kitchen. The event certainly showed you could add a touch of Malaysian flavours to the usual dishes but maybe I’m too much of a purist and prefer the authentic real deal so I’ll certainly have to pop by again for a fill of true Malaysian cuisine. We also received an awesome gift bag with numerous goodies from Malaysia Kitchen so another thanks for this!


Ria Malay Kitchen

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