The Red Chair Café – 3 Dec 2015

Cuisine: Vietnamese
Location: Subiaco – Crossways Shopping Center

I was in Subiaco to meet clients but after that I took the opportunity to grab some lunch. Yesterday whilst chatting with bloggers at Ria Malay Kitchen, The Red Chair Cafe was recommended as an excellent place to grab some Vietnamese fare, but expect it to be busy. And it was. I placed my order and had my table number but it was a matter of waiting for a free table. One of the waitstaff alerted me to a free table after some time waiting and I took it before my meal arrived shortly after. Fortuitous.

The Red Chair Café offer Vietnamese fare but also Western dishes serving up a variety of pastries like quiches, sausage rolls, pies; salads of which many have an Asian influence; takeaway meals; sweets; sandwiches and rolls; plus breakfast. So they function like a typical cafe with coffee and breakfast in the morning and then a range of lunch time items for the office crowd.


Bun Bo Xao $13.50

Braised lemongrass beef, thin rice noodles

The Red Chair - Bun Bo Xao

A big deep bowl of soft rice noodles lay at the bottom, topped with thin sliced beef, pickled cucumbers, thin slices of carrots, cauliflower, bean sprouts and crunchy peanuts. A side bowl of additional dressing was also presented. With chopsticks and spoon in hand I proceeded to chow down on this heap of food and boy was it enjoyable! It probably didn’t carry the extreme burst of freshness that I was expecting as is typical of Vietnamese food but it had life and energy in the meal. You could taste the sweet, salty and spicy elements of the dressing which adds lots of punch to the meal, enveloping all ingredients it comes into contact and lifting them to another level. The pickled cucumber strips are lovely and cooling while the tender beef slices add the meat to this dish. Even though it’s a big bowl of food, you feel full but the meal is light and you don’t feel bloated. I really love the crunch of the peanuts and as you work your way through, you get to the soft rice noodles which are delightful. Mixed with the veggies and dressing, it’s a really delicious feel good meal.


The Red Chair Food Review Summary

Verdict: The Red Chair Cafe offers breakfast and coffee in the morning and a range of items for lunch, mainly of a Vietnamese, Asian theme. I ordered the bun bo zao and received a big bowl of yum. Delicious soft soothing rice noodles mixed in with pickled cucumber strips, thinly sliced carrots, tender slices of beef, and the sweet salty spicy mix of the dressing to add that flavour punch and life to the dish making it so enjoyable. I really like the crushed peanuts on top which add texture. The meal is light but filling. I can see why this place is such a popular choice amongst the lunchtime crowd.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

The Red Chair Café Restaurant Details
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