Zapfhall – 6 Dec 2015

Cuisine: German
Location: Fremantle – South Tce

Disclosure: My meal was complimentary

Zapfhall Interior

I recently got an invite to Zapfhall, a German restaurant on South Terrace in Fremantle so I popped by for lunch as I take quite a shining to German food.  Zapfhall (translation beer hall) is just that, a beer hall which has seating indoors and out and has been newly established only a few months old. It’s up on level one on the main strip in Freo which is buzzing with activity. We were a tad early so had to wait while the gates were opened and then we made our way up and were taken into the spacious beer hall where we took a table inside. After perusing the menu we placed our orders:


Bavarian pasta, speck, mix mushrooms, shallots, cheese $27

Zapfhall - German Pasta with Speck

Lots of pea sized soft pasta which melts in your mouth. The dish is moist but a little plain except when you get the speck and then each mouthful comes to life as a salty explosion takes effect delivering the flavours required, bringing together the mushrooms, kale and the melted cheese. It does get a bit rich so the apple and fennel salad with a lovely dressing and hit of acidity, counteracts the richness and refreshes the palette.


Veal schnitzel, pretzel, herb crumb 200g $32

All meat dishes from the mains section are served with potato rosti, blaukraut & choice of malbec, malt or juniper berry demi glaze

Zapfhall - Veal Schnitzel

I had a small taste of both schnitzels which are both large in serving. The veal looks huge and is well cooked though a tad chewy in some places. However the bits which are cooked perfectly are delightful with a lovely crumb and is seasoned well. The blaukraut is the same as saukraut but made with red cabbage and red wine instead of white cabbage and white wine. The potato rosti was really delicious, soft and light, though was placed under the schnitzel so it wasn’t crunchy.


Chicken schnitzel, pretzel, herb crumb  200g $32 (also available in 100g $22)

Zapfhall - Chicken Schnitzel

The chicken schnitzel was better than the veal in my opinion, soft, tender, with a lovely crunchy crumb. The malt sauce was also really delicious.


Looking forward to dessert but was much disappointed to hear they had run out due to a function the prior night. I thought one would still prepare some desserts for the next day regardless. So instead we took a walk around Freo and popped in for a sweet treat at Chocolateria San Churro. Churros for one x 2 with dark and milk chocolate sauces. A bit on the pale side but very crunchy and tasty dusted in cinnamon and icing. Not sure which I like more – milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Mmm, just chocolate! So yum!

Chocolateria San Churro - Churros For One x 2

Zapfhall Food Review Summary

Verdict: Zapfhall (translation: beer hall) serves beer, wine, and all things German in a spacious hall with seating inside and out where you can overlook the buzz of South Terrace in Freo. There are a range of dishes from share plates, hot dogs, to heartier meals. We decided to order mains and share a bit. I chose spaetzle, the German pasta with speck. The pasta was pea sized, soft and tasty though a little plain till you got some speck. It provided a salty burst of flavour and tied together the mushroom, kale and herbs, plus the melted cheese. It’s quite a tasty meal but does get rich so the apple and fennel salad with a slight acidic kick is much welcome. I also had a taste of the veal and chicken schnitzels which were large in size though needed more oomph to the dish. The veal was a little chewy in spots but the tender parts were delicious. However, I preferred the chicken schnitzel which was crunchy and enjoyed with the malt glaze. I also liked the blaukraut (sauerkraut but with red cabbage) and the potato rosti hidden underneath the schnitzel.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Great
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again


Zapfhall Restaurant Details
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