NeNe Chicken – 23 Jan 2016

Cuisine: Korean
Location: East Victoria Park, Albany Highway

Disclosure: Meal is complementary

I’d noticed Nene Chicken on my travels through Vic Park but they weren’t yet open. I later received an invite so I was keen to know they’re open and happily accepted. NeNe translates to “yes! yes!”. In Korea, fried chicken is a big thing. Unfortunately I didn’t get around to trying any whilst travelling in Korea but NeNe has over 1000 outlets in Korea alone and have come to Australia. Perth finally gets it’s first store after setting up on the east coast.

Located on Albany Highway with the numerous restaurants that line the street, it’s a short walk from the Park Center shopping center. There’s seating inside and upstairs. The upstairs area has a darts arcade style game and of course, kpop on TV.

The menu offers 8 different fried chicken varieties, as well as wraps, burger, sides and drinks, all with a Korean twist. They also serve a healthier version with 2 pieces of fried chicken, black rice, Korean garden salad, and kimchi. Regular serve is 4 pieces, large is 8 and jumbo is 16. The large and jumbo allow half and half for $2 extra. I chose the regular swicy (sweet and spicy) and got some chips and a drink.


Chips With Chicken Salt (regular serve)

NeNe Chicken - Chips with Chicken Salt

I loved the chips, slightly thick cut, crunchy and perfectly seasoned with chicken salt. Unfortunately Nene’s seasoning (a second choice seasoning apart from the chicken salt) wasn’t available as I would have chosen that instead.


Swicy (Sweet and Spicy) Chicken (regular)

NeNe Chicken - Swicy Chicken

NeNe provide plastic gloves to keep your hands clean but the downside is you can’t lick your fingers! All chicken is served with coleslaw and pickled radish. I loved the pickled radish which is really refreshing while eating all that chicken. The coleslaw is also tasty but a bit rich. The chicken is nice and soft, perfectly cooked, nice and crunchy. The sauce is sweet but not too sweet and had a lovely blend of spices. The chilli level is hardly anything to mention. The signature dish, freaking hot, is extremely hot and rightly rated 3 chillies. The bloggers next to me got this sauce on the side so I had a taste with a chip. The heat builds up over time and is hot. I’ll leave it at that but could easily have had more. However, I want to enjoy my food!


Green Tea Soft Serve

NeNe Chicken - Green Tea Soft Serve

They also offered dessert and I was pleased to see they have matcha green tea soft serve. It was delicious and reminded me of my time in Japan where I ate this several times whilst holidaying. I had an excellent time and would certainly like to come back and try other items on the menu.


NeNe Chicken Food Review Summary

Verdict: Fried chicken is huge in Korea and now NeNe with over 1000 stores in Korea alone finally has a store in Perth after opening on the east coast. Offering crispy fried chicken with a variety of flavours, sides, wraps, burger and dessert, with a Korean twist, there is something sure to match your preferences. I chose the “swicy” sweet and spicy chicken with chicken salted chips. The chips were perfect, crunchy, perfectly seasoned and everything a chip should be. The chicken was certainly crispy, covered in a light crispy batter, chicken perfectly cooked, covered in a gooey sweet sauce with sesame seeds. The sauce isn’t too sweet and the chilli level is hardly spicy. I really liked the pickled radish which balances out the fried chicken. I also savoured green tea soft serve which I ate plenty of whilst travelling in Japan, so happy to see it here. It’s yum!
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


NeNe Chicken Restaurant Details
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