Old Faithful Bar & BBQ – 29 Jan 2016

Cuisine: American, BBQ
Location: Perth CBD – King St

One of my colleagues was leaving our team so we decided to have a going away lunch and Old Faithful Bar & BBQ located on King St won out. I’d eaten here before when it had newly opened and hadn’t been all that impressed with it’s representation of American barbecued meats. For that matter, many American style establishments have sprung up and haven’t done American cuisine proud. It’s a venue serving barbecued meats in a wide open spaced venue, a casual vibe with the hipster theme. It’s a very relaxed concept, go up to the counter (and on your way grab a serviette and cutlery), place your order, take a seat at the benches and wait while your meal is prepared and brought to you. The menu offers up beef brisket, chopped pig, or BBQ chicken with a price per 100g so you can order as much or little as you want and that is served on a tray lined with paper with the sliced meats, slices of bread, some greens, along with any sides you may wish. You assemble the sandwiches yourself and enjoy. Or, you can choose from the BBQ meat sandwiches section and order sides or snacks along with that.


P.L.T Sandwich $15.75 – Pig Belly, Chopped Pig, Lettuce, Tomato, Ranch

Old Faithful Bar & BBQ - The PLT sandwich

It’s annoying when you look at the menu and you want to try nearly everything! In the end I settled on the PLT sandwich which presents a reasonably packed sandwich of tender pork belly and chopped pig as the meats. They’re cooked well and pull apart, however, they don’t really carry much flavour and are under seasoned. The salad inside the sandwich is nice though the ranch sauce has far too much vinegar and the acidity just drowns out the meat. Further, the bread is not toasted which I’d really prefer. The sandwich is really missing a lovely BBQ sauce or a slightly sticky sweet or spicy sauce to add oomph to what is quite an average sandwich.


Banana Stout Cream Pie $9.50

Old Faithful Bar & BBQ - Banana Stout Cream Pie

I’d eyed the dessert menu and I thought the banana stout cream pie sounded unusual so I ordered this. the pie is a decent size but the pile of stout cream is huge! I started eating the stout flavoured cream and it’s amazing! I really love it and when I eventually got down to the level of the pie, the banana and stout cream combine effectively with the delicious pastry filling in making this a unique and not run of the mill dessert. Old Faithful commented on my PerthFoodReviews Instagram account that it’s a staff favourite. I can see why.


Old Faithful Food Review Summary

Verdict: A visit to Old Faithful Bar & BBQ for a leaving lunch for one of my fellow colleagues presented the opportunity to see if they had made any strides in improving the representation of American BBQ meats. Unfortunately not. I ordered the PLT sandwich which contained tender pull apart pork belly and chopped pig, but lacked flavour and seasoning. It was drowned out by a heavy vinegar ranch sauce. It needs to be toasted and it definitely needs a lovely sauce to liven up the meat plus salt. However, for dessert they really excelled with an amazing stout flavoured cream which partnered effectively with banana and the delicious pastry to create an excellent taste sensation.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Great
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again


Old Faithful Bar & BBQ Restaurant Details

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