Petition Kitchen – 7 Jan 2016

Cuisine: Modern Australian
Location: Perth CBD

In the lead up to Christmas I was trying to organise a team lunch but getting everyone together with leave was challenging so I postponed to early January. One of the other teams had visited Petition Kitchen which I was keen to try out and since they gave the thumbs up I booked it. Petition is in fact 3 separate venues representing an 18-tap craft beer bar (Petition Beer Corner), a bistro (Petition Kitchen) and an inner city wine bar (Petition Wine Bar & Merchant). Petition is run by Jesse Blake, who worked at the famed Melbourne establishment Cumulous Inc. Petition, and several other establishments, are now home to the newly renovated Cathedral Square project on the corner of Barrack St and St Georges Terrace. The inside is open, chic, casual and relaxed but the food, service and experience is anything but. The menu is made for sharing which is what we did, but you can keep the dish all to yourself. With some of the dishes we had, I could have done just that.


Duck liver parfait, verjus, pickled rhubarb, grilled bread $18


Since my time in Paris I’m very partial to duck liver parfait so I was more than happy to have this ordered. The liver parfait was smooth and not all that rich and it went very well with the grilled bread. The pickled rhubarb was interesting but there wasn’t enough of it though the touch of acidity helps cut through any richness, more so the creaminess. I couldn’t really detect any flavour from the verjus though. I really liked this.


Special of the day: Squid


Plenty of very tender squid was presented in a very refreshing dish, entangled in a salad with a lovely dressing. I liked the grains presented which add a touch of depth and the paper thin pickled radish slices have a nice acidic kick.


Chopped broccoli, puffed grains, walnut, sheep’s feta $16

Petition Kitchen - Chopped Broccoli, Puffed Grains

One of our team members is vegetarian so we ordered a few vegetarian dishes. After one bite of this and we were all fighting over this dish! It certainly surprised me and was really delicious. I really liked the crunch of the puffed grains, the sheep’s feta provided the seasoning and a touch of creaminess, and the broccoli added a bit of depth though I would have liked more broccoli. This was the standout dish of our lunch.


Roasted mushrooms, salted ricotta, warrigal greens, potato $22


The dish was presented beautifully, like something you would find in the forest. In line with the presentation, the dish shone in the flavour department. Juicy well cooked mushrooms, under seasoned via the ricotta, allowing the flavour of the various mushroom varieties to exhibit their flavour. There is a very subtle roasted, almost smoked, touch to the dish which went down very well.


Dry age Harvey Beef sirloin, romesco, asparagus,watercress $32


A nice chunk of beef was roasted and sliced, dressed with romesco sauce and served with grilled asparagus spears that were halved lengthways. Some pieces of beef were a bit tough and dry, but those in the middle were perfectly cooked medium rare, a touch of pink flesh, enhanced by the delicious romesco sauce. I really enjoyed the grilled asparagus spears which took on a nice charred flavour. We were shown the dessert menu but had to head back to the office. Shame.


Petition Kitchen Food Review Summary

Verdict: At roughly $20 per head after sharing 5 dishes between the 5 of us, we were quite satisfied, though I would have liked to have had dessert if not for running out of time. The service was excellent but the pace of the dishes was a little too slow for my liking, not that I wanted the experience to be rushed. We started with the the duck liver parfait which was smooth and creamy, enjoyed with grilled slices of bread which added a nice contrasting flavour. Next I really enjoyed the succulent tender squid in a lovely salad and dressing. The acidic pickled radish was excellent. The vegetarian chopped broccoli with puffed grains was a standout dish. I really liked the crunch and texture of this surprising dish full of flavour. The roasted mushrooms looked like something you would find in a forest, beautifully presented, and allowing the different flavours of the mushroom varieties to shine through. Lastly, the chunk of sirloin was a little disappointing, some pieces were tough and dry, others perfectly tender and pink. The romesco sauce was excellent and I loved the charred asparagus spears. An excellent array of flavours, presentation, and creativity.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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