The Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen – 14 Jan 2016

Cuisine: Italian, French, Modern Australian
Location: Perth CBD – Wesley Quarter

It’s been a busy start to the year so it was time to get some sustenance and head to The Painted Bird. I’ve eaten here several times and had an excellent dining experience with today’s experience no different.


Chef’s Tasting Plate $17

The Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen - Chef's Tasting Plate

Upon receiving the menu I immediately looked at dessert and definitely wanted a dessert for later on. However, having eaten here many times, trying to eat dessert after the filling entree and main is a challenge in itself so I decided to skip mains and bulk up on the entree so I ordered 3 dishes, the first being the chef’s tasting plate:

  • Crispy salmon with pumpkin puree – I really loved the smooth pumpkin puree with a touch of natural sweetness and a lovely roasted flavour. The pumpkin partnered effectively with the salmon which was perfectly cooked and succulent with a crisp skin.
  • Falafel with tzatziki – The tzatziki really livened the falafel though the falafel itself lacked punch
  • Pork and miso soup – Absolutely fantastic! So full of flavour, just amazing..
  • Smoked chicken and kimchi slider – A rather unusual combination which didn’t really work. I did like the slider though.


Black Pudding $8.50

The Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen - Black Pudding

I’ve never eaten a sizeable serving of black pudding so I thought I’d give it a try. The first bite was very intense. It left me wondering whether I would be stuck with a plate of something I didn’t like. However as I kept on eating it grew on me and I rather enjoyed it. The apple sauce made a big difference with the sweetness helping to cut through the intenseness.


Panko crumbed oysters $3.50 each

The Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen - Panko Crumbed Oysters

I’ve eaten these before and they were excellent. No difference this time round! Yum yum yum!


Freshly shucked oyster with chilli & lime sorbet $3.5 each

The Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen - Oysters

Other members of the table had oysters and also panko crumbed oysters.


Roasted Linley Valley pork belly, paris mash, apple puree $24

The Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen - Pork Belly

Fish of the Day – Grilled Kalbarri Red Throat Emperor, with roasted cauliflower and pinnate salad, cumin yoghurt $42

The Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen - Fish Of The Day

Since I didn’t have mains, others tucked into the fish of the day which was perfectly cooked and and a slightly firm cauliflower which was pretty good, and succulent pork belly with a crunchy chewy skin served with super smooth Paris mash which was yum.


Tonka bean & limoncello panna cotta, raspberry sorbet and hazelnut biscotti $15

The Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen - Pannacotta Raspberry Sorbet

Soft chocolate, milk ice cream, salted caramel, maple biscuit $15

The Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen - Soft Chocolate, Milk Ice Cream, Salted Caramel, Maple Biscuit

Time for dessert. I had a small taste of the smooth wobbly panna cotta and also the soft chocolate with salted caramel. Probably need more than a taste to really tell what they tasted like but from what I had they were tasty.


Lemon, almond and polenta cake, yoghurt ice cream, orange gel, coffee and pistachio crumb $15

The Painted Bird Bar & Kitchen - Lemon Almond Polenta Cake

I really liked the freshly baked cake which was nice and warm and had a lovely crunchy crust. The cake was nice and soft and had light flavours. The orange gel provides a burst of sweetness and there was a lovely tang from the yoghurt ice cream which was interesting. A lovely finish to the meal.


Painted Bird Food Review Summary

Verdict: I enjoy coming to this restaurant which presents a stylish smart interior with delicious food prepared and presented. Eyeing the dessert menu I decided to skip mains and load up with three entrees instead. The chef’s tasting plate was a little mixed with an absolutely amazing pork and miso soup, and I also loved the sweet and roasted flavours of the pumpkin puree which paired effectively with delicious succulent salmon and crisp skin. The other two items of falafel and a kimchi slider weren’t as impressive. I also ordered a couple of the panko crusted oysters which were their usual deliciousness and I also enjoyed an intense but growing on me with each bite, black pudding. For dessert I ordered the lemon, almond and polenta cake which sounded a bit unusual to me but presented a normal cake which was soft and light, freshly baked and had a lovely crust. The tangy yoghurt ice cream was interesting, an enjoyable dessert though a little uninspiring. One does look to dessert for that big finish to the meal.
Price: Moderately Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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