Eat Drink Perth – Twilight Hawkers Markets – 5 Feb 2016

What: Twilight Hawkers Markets – Perth’s original & biggest Street Food Market
When: every Friday 4:30-9:30pm, till 29 April 2015
Where: Forrest Chase in Perth adjacent to Wellington St and the Murray St Mall
More Info:

For some reason I haven’t made my way to the Twliight Hawkers Markets in Forrest Chase so I did today and it was packed with people as per usual. Being a regular attendee, I like to take a round to see what’s on display. The Twliight Hawkers Markets seems to keep going from strength to strength with longer opening hours and more and more stalls. From the stalls that line Forrest Chase, it’s now expanded to Murray St Mall and they could easily add more stalls. I note at this end there are several dessert stalls which is now a permanent edition from last year’s Dessert Garden which I’m glad to see. It was also up this end that I found a few stalls by their lonesome self and I decided to give the German stall a go.

Twilight Hawkers Markets – German Stall: Papas Locas – Fries, Bratwurst, Smoked Bacon, Cheese

Twilight Hawkers Markets - Papas Locas

I like trying new things and this caught my eye. It’s really everything bad you shouldn’t eat but made into one dish! So bad but so good…indulgent and I won’t apologise. The spiced fries are delicious, so too the bratwurst. Tangy tomato sauce adds some much needed tartness against the backdrop of gooey melted cheese and the slight salty burst of bacon. Quite a filling meal which powered me through the rest of the night but a really naughty meal nonetheless.

Twilight hawkers markets are open every Friday till 29 April 2016, so make sure you head down to Forrest Chase between 4:30-9:30pm to sample some cuisines from various cultures. It’s cash only and remember that these are not necessarily professional kitchens, you might need to have some patience while your meal is prepared, especially if there are long queues, so get in early and enjoy.

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