Kazoomies – 28 Feb 2016

Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Location: Fremantle – E-Shed Markets, Victoria Quay

Disclosure: Meal was complimentary

After my fantastic experience at Meeka Restaruant where I thoroughly enjoyed the delicious Middle Eastern flavours of the dishes, I was most pleased to receive an invite to Nimrod Kazoom’s Kazoomies. Located at the E-Shed Markets, Victoria Quay in Fremantle, I had arrived early and took a browse around the markets which are predominantly touristy. There are a few eateries also, but after grabbing a menu and a table under the shade overlooking the harbour, my mouth was watering at the various dishes available. They offer a breakfast and lunch menu but breakfast can also be enjoyed during lunch. We ordered the following:


Duo – Braised Beef Tongue and Squid Ink Chorizo $20

Kazoomies - Duo - Braised Beef Tongue and Squid Ink Chorizo

The braised beef was served upon an olive oil seasoning which added a subtle touch of flavour to the super tender but slightly rich braised beef tongue. The tongue was delicious and the small cubes of pumpkin add a sweetness to contrast against the richness. I love squid ink as in squid ink pasta and I also love chorizo. However, I didn’t think the two went together. The squid ink dulls down the chorizo. Chorizo typically has that fiery spicy smoked paprika flavour and while different versions of chorizo vary in intensity of spiciness, that same unmistakable flavour is there. It wasn’t in this and the squid ink overshadows what flavour the chorizo would carry. Still tasty though.


Pumpkin Pastilla – Spicy Pumpkin Wrapped in Filo Pastry and Dukkah $12.50

Kazoomies - Pumpkin Pastilla

I really loved the light crunchy filo pastry with an amazing pumpkin filling. The dukkah and whatever other spices were used in flavouring the filling is so delicious. Quite a surpass packet, why did I choose to share?


Lamb 8 Ballers – 8 lamb Balls, Romesco Yoghurt and Green Yoghurt $16.50

Kazoomies - Lamb 8 Ballers

The lamb balls were moist and allowed the lamb flavour to shine through though was missing something, a touch of acidity from a squeeze of lemon, or a tangy sauce to liven up the meatballs. There is a touch of the romesco yoghurt and green yoghurt which nearly do the job but there is not enough of it to my liking.


Dukkah and Harissa Prawns – Tiger Prawns in Kazoomies Dukkah Butter $18

Kazoomies - Dukkah and Harissa Prawns

A large crunchy flat bread lines the bottom of a large bowl filled with a deep orange oily liquid and several large Tiger prawns. The prawns are cooked perfectly and just keep on oozing flavour. The flesh is tender and that delicious dukkah butter mix they were cooked in is simply liquid gold. The flatbread still remains crunchy despite being soaked in that delicious butter and is simply amazing. Just keep on dunking the bread in there and soaking up as much of that flavour as possible. Back to the prawns, they’re crunchy on the outside so much so one can eat most of the shell including the prawn head. Wow!


Sea Shakshuka – Marinated Barramundi in Tumeric and Garlic Herb Buttered Spinach with Marinated Eggplant and Cows Feta $24

Kazoomies - Sea Shakshuka

I’ve never eaten shakshuka before despite being very intrigued by the dish. I’ve usually seen the breakfast version available served with eggs so since I don’t like eggs, I’ve always steered clear. Until now. An eggless version finally! OMG! This is absolutely delicious! The eggplant is so tender and the spinach immersed in that garlic herb butter is unbelievable. It’s a good thing the dish is served with flatbread which can be used to mop up those delicious flavours. The Barramundi is super tender and has taken on the lovely flavours of tumeric. I wiped this dish clean with the bread. Fantastic!


Baclava $3

Kazoomies - Baclava

Blueberry Cheesecake $7.50

Kazoomies - Blueberry Cheesecake

There’s always room for dessert and being comfortably full is just the right place to be. I walked up to the counter which houses the dessert cabinet and was really torn between baclava and the blueberry cheesecake. One of the chefs said the cheesecake is probably the best dish from the display so that was all the endorsement I needed. After the first spoonful of light cheesy goodness, I knew why. Oh so yum, each spoonful was divine. The slight tartness from the berries help to cut through the richness. As it’s served in a glass, there’s a touch of biscuit base sprinkled over the top and a little bit more on the base. What a delicious end to the meal.


Kazoomies Food Review Summary

Verdict: Chef Nimrod Kazoom and his staff provide a friendly atmosphere to enjoy the delicious array of Middle Eastern cuisine packed with flavours. The braised beef tongue is super tender and the richness is contrasted with sweet roast pumpkin. The squid ink chorizo dulled the spicy tones of the chorizo I was expecting. The spice and dukkah flavoured pumpkin pastilla encased by light filo pastry was delicious. The lamb 8 ballers presented a lovely lamb flavour in the moist meatballs but lacked oomph via acid or a sauce. The dukkah and harissa tiger prawns were oozing flavour and were absolutely fantastic. Packed full of flavour, the prawn flesh was tender and the flatbread soaked up the marinade. The sea shakshuka was also fantastic, the herbed garlic butter and spinach was unbelievable, perfect for sopping up with flatbread before moving on to the delicious eggplant and turmeric infused Barramundi. These latter two dishes were absolute knockouts. For dessert, I thoroughly enjoyed a blueberry cheesecake. Hiding away in the E Shed markets, Kazoomies is a hidden gem which should be on Market Street or South Terrace for the masses to discover and enjoy.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


Kazoomies Restaurant Details

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