Meeka – 17 Feb 2016

Cuisine: Middle Eastern – Moroccan
Location: Subiaco – Rokeby Rd

I’m off to one of the shows at the Perth International Arts Festival at the Regal Theatre tonight so that means I need to grab some dinner before the show. Subiaco has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from but I settled on Meeka Restaurant at the far end of Rokeby Road. Meeka offer Moroccan cuisine and the menu had my mouth watering. As I was a bit pressed for time I could only have mains and hopefully a dessert. I decided to choose one of the items from the tajine section:


Sticky Apple Fennel Cumin Glazed Pork Belly, Dukkah Sweet Potato, Preserved Lemon Mint Yoghurt, Sumac Fennel, Pickled Radish, Apple Herb Salad $39

Meeka Restaurant - Pork Belly Tajine with Cous Cous

Several of the dishes offer the choice of cous cous or quinoa, I chose the former. I was pretty hungry and after a reasonable wait, my tajine was served. The lid was removed revealing a colourful and fragrant mound of deliciousness. A separate bowl of Israeli cous cous was also served. The pork belly cut like butter, super soft and so delicious. What an absolutely fantastic array of flavours! The spice mix is amazing, the smells so fragrant, the taste wonderful. The matchsticks of apple are an effective partner for pork, pickled radish provides some acidity against the meatiness, coriander presents its own flavour profile to round out the ingredients. The soft sweet potato has absorbed all the flavours of the spice mix and is equally enjoyable. I like the rich buttery pearls of Israeli cous cous which present a contrast to the strong spice flavour mix of the pork belly, not that the dish is intense. All elements combine effectively to present a filling flavoursome meal. But there’s always room for dessert.


Meeka Doughnuts Stuffed with Citrus Curd, Orange Custard, Cardamom Sugar, Golden Syrup Popcorn Ice Cream $16

Meeka - Persian Fairy Floss, Ice Cream, Lemon Curd Filled Doughnuts, Popcorn

I eyed the doughnuts and that’s what I chose, however, there’s other items to consider like the various ice cream flavours on offer. If you’re like a kid in a candy shop you’re going to like this dessert: fairy floss, ice cream, doughnuts, popcorn. Yum, yum, yum. The doughnuts were freshly made filled with lemon curd which added a touch of tartness to the deep fried delights. They’re very tasty and while the lemon curd seems a little out of place, it all works. The fairy floss is yum and I really liked the ice cream which is rich and creamy but carries a delicious flavour. The popcorn rounds out a dessert not short on variety nor flavour. The serves at Meeka are generous and like the main’s, the dessert was just as filling. Completely stuffed but totally satisfied.


Meeka Food Review Summary

Verdict: I’ve gone to a few Middle Eastern type restaurants on the east coast but not in Perth. Meeka Restaurant’s Moroccan cuisine really impressed me. Generous servings big on flavour and taste are what Meeka offers up. I thoroughly enjoyed the super soft pork belly tajine which cut like butter, but the delicious and fragrant spice mix was the engine room of this dish, delivering all the flavour. The soft sweet potato has absorbed these flavours like a sponge and the apple salad is an excellent partner to pork. I loved the dish, as too the rich buttery pearls of Israeli cous cous. I also ordered dessert and the savoury doughnuts with a touch of tartness form the lemon curd balanced the doughnuts nicely. The dessert is not too sweet, despite the variety on display. The Persian fairy floss brings out the inner kid in you, before revealing a rich creamy ice cream. Some popcorn to round things out and I left very very full but very satisfied.
Price: Moderately Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation:Highly Recommend


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