Nao Japanese – 18 Feb 2016

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: Perth CBD – Murray St

Today I ventured into the beautiful sunshine for a slightly early lunch to Nao Japanese Restaurant. I’ve walked passed on several occasions and it’s always busy, hence I went shortly after the 11:30am opening. Nao specializes in homemade ramen so I was keen to try their creation. They have 4 varieties:

  • Shoyu(soy sauce)
  • Miso (soy bean)
  • Shio (salt)
  • Spicy

and then you choose from 3 different noodle varieties (white, green (spinach infused) or red (chilli infused) noodle) and you can choose any number of optional extras.


Miso Ramen $11

Nao Japanese - Miso Ramen

A large bowl of steaming hot miso ramen was presented after a short time. I had a taste of the broth first which was fantastic! Despite the miso, it was all about the broth which is so full of flavour, enhanced by a subtle touch of miso. The ramen noodles are also tasty and combining with the broth, seaweed, and bean sprouts, what a taste sensation! The roast pork is thin and more meaty, lacking fat which would add that richness to the dish. At $11, it’s a steal.


Green Tea Ice Cream $6.50

Nao Japanese - green tea ice cream

In comparison, the green tea ice cream st $6.50 is a bit pricy. I had to have some though and it was delicious. It was smooth and creamy, and didn’t carry that grainy strong intense flavour. The sweetened whipped cream seemed unnecessary but when eaten with the ice cream, it works perfectly. The frozen raspberries are tart and not needed in my opinion. So yum.


Nao Food Review Summary

Verdict: I’ve walked past many times and wondered why this place was so busy all the time. I know now as Nao’s ramen is well known and after one slurp, I can see why. I chose the miso ramen and a large steaming hot bowl was presented in no time. This dish is all about the broth which carries all the flavour. The miso adds a subtle touch to the broth but plays a distant second fiddle. The ramen noodles are tasty, especially when eaten with the broth, bean sprouts and seaweed. Delicious. I can’t go past green tea ice cream and the version here was soft, creamy, and light. I particularly enjoyed the ice cream with the sweetened cream. What a hearty lunch. Totally satisfied.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend


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    Miso Ramen is one of my favorite dishes! I try to get it whenever I can. Now Green Tea Ice Cream is new to me! Sounds and looks like something i would definitely like though. Ill have to see if any of the local japanese places here have something that looks just as delicious! Great review! thanks!

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