Nomstar Ramen – 6 Feb 2016

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: Waterford Plaza, Karawara (opposite Curtin University)

I visited Waterford Plaza for shopping but not before grabbing some lunch at Nomstar Ramen. I had a quick look at the menu and settled on the pork gyoza and the miso ramen.


Pork Gyoza (5 pieces) $7

Nomstar Ramen - Pork Gyoza

I really loved the super soft melt in your mouth pork gyoza with a yummy pork filling. The dumpling is really soft and tender, yet has a nice pan fried char on one side for a difference in texture. They’re neat and dipped into the sauce, really tasty. The dumplings are well filled with a ginger infused filling packed with tender pork. This is a nice light start to the meal.


Ramen – #3 Miso $14

Homemade ramen noodle accompanied by miso tonkotsu broth with dominating miso flavours in a good way, topped with chashu pork, ajitama egg, cabbage, sweet corn, bean sprouts & toasted seaweed

Nomstar Ramen - Miso Ramen

I really enjoyed and got used to the flavour of miso whilst travelling in Japan so choosing the miso ramen was an easy choice. The miso has such a distinctive flavour which is served in spades in the delicious flavoursome broth. It goes extremely well with the ramen, the slightly fatty pork (chasu pork) and the rich egg yolk. I don’t like eggs but I’ve eaten a few dishes which have eggs and have been able to stomach it, even enjoyed it! This was another instance. The yolk is not runny nor firm, but a bit in between the two. It’s actually rich and a bit gooey, but it had an interesting flavour which went well against the strong flavours of the miso. The white I wasn’t as crazy about but as I stated, I’m not a fan of eggs. I was really hungry so I slurped down every bit of the broth and the soft tasty noodles. What a meal!


Karaage Chicken – Complimentary

Nomstar Ramen - Karaage Chicken

Unbeknownst to me is a new dish to the menu which Nomstar Ramen were kind enough to give me a sampler – karaage chicken. Did they read my mind? I love karaage chicken!!! Lovely light crunchy batter encasing soft tender chicken was enjoyed with spicy sauce, housemade mayo, and shredded cabbage. I’m soooo full!


Nomstar RamenFood Review Summary

Verdict: It may have been a hot day but slurping down a big bowl of delicious ramen with miso flavoured broth was a great way to enjoy lunch. The miso has a strong distinctive flavour that permeates the broth and is contrasted against the peppery cabbage, rich bursts of juicy sweet corn, the slightly fatty flavour of the chasu pork, the rich gooey slightly runny egg yolk, crunchy bean sprouts and seaweed. Before the ramen, I enjoyed the soft tender parcels of pork gyoza which present a lovely soothing texture before your tastebuds are woken up by the tones of ginger and soft pork filling. I was also presented with a sample of a new dish to the menu, karaage chicken, which happens to also be a personal favourite. The batter is very light and crunchy, encasing juicy tender chicken enjoyed with spicy sauce, housemade mayo, and shredded cabbage. Way too full, definitely no room for dessert, very satisfied.
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

Nomstar Ramen Restaurant Details
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