Perth Night Noodle Markets 2016 – 31 Mar 2016

Cuisine: Asian
Location: Elizabeth Quay
Cost: Free entry, dishes range in price
When: March 30 to April 10
Night Noodle Market Opening times:

  • Monday to Wednesday: 5pm – 9pm
  • Thursday to Friday: 5pm – 10pm
  • Saturday: 4pm – 10pm
  • Sunday: 4pm – 9pm

Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay

I’m really glad to see the Night Noodle Markets back for it’s second year, but particularly that it’s moved location to the expanses of Elizabeth Quay and with an expanded line up of stall holders. If you want to see more about the Night Noodle Markets, check out the media release, and also the Perth Good Food Month website. I had a good look at what was on offer and tried the following.


Hoy Pinoy: 2 skewers for $13

Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay
Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay

Hoy Pinoy sell barbecued Filipino skewered meats cooked over hot coals. A large long tray of coals cooks the meat before being brushed with a further glaze to flavour the now cooked meats. The chicken was quite tender and had a strong flavoured glaze. I preferred the banana ketchup glaze of the pork belly though. I’ve never seen pork belly on skewers. I guess you have to try different things to see if it works. It came out a little tough but was tasty. I think pork belly lends itself to cooking long and slow.


N2 Gelato / Blackstar Pastry – Strawberry Watermelon Cake $9

Almond dacquiose, fresh cream, watermelon, strawberries, pistachios and rose petals. Gluten free.

Night Noodle Markets - Blackstar Pastry - Strawberry Watermelon Cake

It looks intriguing and unusual, but what a fantastic creation! Layers of delicious light cake, cream, all married with fruity flavours of refreshing watermelon and a touch of sweetness from the cut strawberries. Beautifully presented. Delicious!


Everybody Loves Ramen

Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay

Got the crispy fried chicken with mayo and a slightly sweet glaze. I love fried chicken and enjoyed it thoroughly.


I was back again to try more of the food on. offer and I meant to go early but was delayed getting out of work. When I arrived, things were in full swing, geapes of people and queues, though not too long. As the night wore on more and more people kept on entering. The queues lengthened and it was a slow crawl working your way through the crowd. Certainly popular and hopefully not a victim of it’s success, I made my way around having a good nosh, later taking a walk around Elizabeth Quay including the bridge. The whole area is quite a.transformation from what it was. Can’t wait to see the final product when the whole area is finally developed.


Bao Stop – The Trifecta $20

Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay

The Trifecta consists of the following Chinese style burgers:

  • Pork Belly
  • Fried Chicken
  • Peking Duck


I’m a real fan of bao but these three didn’t meet my expectations. The bao (bun) itself was soft, not gluey and held it’s shape to hold the filling. The filing was quite tasty but needed more sauce to really enhance each bite. The Peking duck really suffered in this regard, just a touch of hoisan livening things up. The pork belly also lacked enough sauce but I really liked the crushed peanuts. The fried chicken was nice and crunchy.


Fu Manchu – Portuguese Chicken Rice $14. Also got 2 crispy skinned dumplings for $2


The crunchy skin dumplings were just that, nice and crunchy, encasing a tasty filing. I was curious about the Portuguese chicken rice and got a very generous serving. The top is covered with grated cheese and grated mozzarella which looks like spaghetti strands. Underneath is a kind of chicken stew upon tender rice cooked in stock. The chicken is tender as too the veggies. It’s real comfort food, full of flavour and goes well with the rice. Talk about a hearty filing meal. Really full, but I’ve got to squeeze in dessert.


N2 Gelato / Blackstar Pastry – Ferrero Reveal $9

Choc-Hazelnut gelato with hazelnut bites, rice bubble choc top and chocolate ganache pipette


I had to return again to try the other creations after enjoying the strawberry watermelon cheesecake. The Ferrero Reveal presents a lovely crunchy hazelnut and chocolate shell that needed to be broken to get to the gelato underneath. The shell was crunchy and tasty. The gelato underneath was representative of the embodiment of ferrero rochet. Very yum.


Low Key Chow House – Combination black peppercorn chicken adoba and bang bang curry with rice $18

Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay - Low Key Chow House

I came for another visit and popped by Low Key Chow House. Whilst waiting in line they also gave us the opportunity to sample some of their sticky spicy chicken wings which I really enjoyed. As for the combo, it presented really tender succulent chicken and beef. I love the flavours of the 2 different curries. Completely different to what I’ve eaten before.

I visited on the second night and it was a bit quiet but then the people started arriving. I also attended the following day on Friday and it was jam packed. There’s plenty of different dishes on offer and they are reasonably priced. Entry is free so head down to Elizabeth Quay to see what you’re missing out on. There’s plenty of delicious food to choose from. The following are some of the menus I managed to snap before it got way too busy to get around and a note on the different stallholders.



Elizabeth Quay becomes the venue for some of the best Hawker-style food from Perth and the eastern States.


Stallholders are:


Apple Daily Bar & Eating House

Located above the Print Hall in Perth the place is named after Hong Kong’s popular daily newspaper and serves inventive south-east Asian street style food. At the Night Noodle Markets they will serve Grilled Linley Valley pork spare ribs
Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay - Apple Daily Bar & Eating House Menu

Banana Leaf Filipino Cuisine

In the food court of the Subiaco Station Street Markets they serve Filipino foods such as BBQ skewers, noodle and deep fried pork. From March 30 come along to Elizabeth Quay and try their succulent whole pig on a spit


Bangkok Jump Street

This Perth pop-up restaurant sets up in a new venue – laneway festival one night and hawkers market the next. The kitchen serves pad Thai, coconut pork skewers – flame grilled with loads of fresh herbs and vegetables. At the Night Noodle Markets try the delicious spicy pork skewers and coconut prawn skewers.


Cili Padi

Malaysian cuisine derived from multiple ethnic influences such as Malay, Malaysian, Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern cultures in street hawker style dishes. Try the rice with Rendang chicken at the Night Noodle Markets.
Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay - Cili Padi Menu


Everybody Loves Ramen

The cool folks at Everybody Loves Ramen are the same guys that run Hoy Pinoy. They will be serving their famous ramen fried chicken burger – chicken, sweet sauce and ramen.
Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay - Everybody Loves Ramen Menu

Fu Manchu

A cosy Chinese joint in Sydney with hanging lanterns and traditional art, serving dumplings and noodle dishes. At the Night Noodle Markets try their fresh crispy skin dumplings.
Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay - Fu Manchu Menu

Hoy Pinoy

Hoy Pinoy is a mobile business producing Filipino pork and chicken skewers coated in a sweet, banana ketchup glaze. They will be serving a selection of these authentic chicken and pork skewers at the markets.
Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay - Hoy Pinoy Menu

Kiyamachi Tei

Renowned for their variety of Japanese foods including okonomiyaki, yakisoba and karaage using only the freshest high quality ingredients. Try the yabisoba and yakisoba sliders at the markets.
Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay - Kiyamachi Tei Menu

Lets Do Yum Cha

Enjoy your yum cha handmade daily using local ingredients and freshly cooked in the truck. Try a delicious selection of classic yum cha favourites at the Night Noodle Markets.
Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay - Menu

Low Key Chow House

Keeping things fresh and funky in Leederville is Low Key Chow House, an Asian fusion restaurant that’s dishing out hot and cold meals with Malaysian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese influence. At Elizabeth Quay they will be serving slow braised beef jungle curry.
Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay - Low Key Chow House Menu

Lucky Chan’s Laundry and Noodlebar

Cool space in Northbridge with an industrial vibe and kitsch décor serving classic Chinese dishes. Taste an amazing selection of wok noodle dishes at the Night Noodle Markets.


Marlou’s Asian Kitchenette

Selection of pork, fried wantons and rice.


Mr YummmO

Perth based Mr YummmO is the home of Filipino Style Barbecue, Chicken Inasal and Pinoy favourite dishes including beef pares and bulalo. At the Night Noodle Markets taste the braised beef noodles with crab and vegetable dumplings.
Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay - Mr YummmO Menu

N2 Gelato / Blackstar Pastry

Two Sydney Newtown neighbours, Black Star Pastry and N2 Extreme Gelato collaborate on desserts which sometimes have a frozen element, might include jelly and tea in some form, and in all likelihood come with a syringe on the side. The boys mix artisanal pastry craftsmanship with mad science.

At the Night Noodle Markets try their famous strawberry and watermelon cake and ferrero reveal.
Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay - N2 Gelato / Blackstar Pastry Menu
Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay - N2 Gelato / Blackstar Pastry Menu
Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay - N2 Gelato / Blackstar Pastry Menu



Based in Carillon City in Perth CBD this is Filipino food with a little bit of twist serving Pinoy style food such as Kare Kare and the Chicken Adobo. They will be serving grilled chicken marinated in Olio’s special sauce at the Night Noodle Markets.


Pasar malam is a Malay and Indonesian word that literally means night market and these guys are known for their crispy chicken skins and sweet potato balls. They will be serving a selection of sliders including pork and chili crab.
Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay - Pasar Malam Menu

Roti Road

Melbourne based Roti Road is a celebration of the best traditional Malaysian food, infused with Chinese flavours. At Elizabeth Quay they will be serving Malaysian style chicken wings and skewers.
Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay - Roti Road Menu

Shallot Thai

Melbourne Thai restaurant which serves up signature dishes such as Crispy Chili Duck, Seafood Madness and Soft Shell Crab Tempura. At the Night Noodle Markets they will be serving a Green Chicken Curry.
Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay - Shallot Thai Menu

Teppanyaki Noodles

Teppanyaki is derived from teppan which means iron plate, and yaki, which means grilled or pan-fried. At the Night Noodle Markets try the authentic teppanyaki noodles and chicken fantasticks


Turban Chopsticks

Perth food company which produces gluten free, quick, easy and nutritious meals such as rice, lentil, dahl, salads, curry pastes, onion bhajis and lentil fritters suitable for time poor. Try the potato and ricotta koftas with a vegetarian noodle salad at the Night Noodle Markets.
Night Noodle Markets @ Elizabeth Quay - Turban Chopsticks and Marilou's Asian Kitchenette Menus

Vietnamese Street Food

Melbourne based Classic Vietnamese street inspired food with a modern twist. The delicious Vietnamese green mango and prawn salad is available at Elizabeth Quay.


Waffle on a Stick

Freshly baked waffle on a stick with optional toppings including lychee and Nutella.


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