Sushia Izakaya & Bar – 23 Mar 2016

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: Perth CBD, Brookfield Place

Dimmi have joined in on the Eat Drink Perth 2016 food festival with Sushia Izakaya offering a special 3 course menu for $48 so I immediately booked that and patiently waited for the day to arrive. They also have a couple of special cocktails available to be enjoyed with the 3 course meal:

  • Yuzu Love Ketel – one vodka shaken with yuzu, honey, Japanese plum wine and lemon juice
  • AKI 75 – A refreshing twist on a classical cocktail with Zacapa, honey and fresh ginger, topped with sparkling wine


Entree : Creamy jalapeño popcorn prawns with creamy jalapeño, mix salad

Lightly battered fried prawns, creamy jalapeno, mixed salad

Sushia Izakaya & Bar - Entree : Creamy jalapeño popcorn prawns with creamy jalapeño, mix salad

I really loved the soft tender prawns surrounded by the crunchy light batter. I love deep fried foods and it hit the mark. The creamy jalapeno sauce really adds another dimension with a lovely hum of chilli. The salad is intricately and beautifully presented and compliments the rich flavour of the deep fried prawn.


Main : Robatayaki pork rib with spicy momoko sauce and sweet potato chips

Sweet potato chips, garlic chips, ginger salsa, spicy momoko sauce

Sushia Izakaya & Bar - Mains : Rabatayaki Pork Rib

Shortly after polishing off the entree, a large plate with an impressive rack of ribs was presented in front of me. I decided to get stuck into that and the end piece is a little dry and chewy but the rest is suitably tender. I really like the glaze which has a typically Asian flavour with a nice subtle spicy kick which appears to build with time. For greater measure, a charred chilli is also included but it isn’t too hot. There’s more of that delicious sauce available which I dipped the ribs in. In contrast to the strong meaty flavours is a bowl of soft sweet potato chips with thin garlic chips. The soft soothing sweet potato is really enjoyable even if it isn’t crunchy and is a welcome relief from the spicy momoko sauce upon the ribs. I’m really full after that dish, looking forward to a light dessert. Interesting to see an Asian take on an American dish. I think they really pulled it off.


Dessert : Black sesame surprise: Creamy Black Sesame, Caramelised Cashew nuts, chantilly cream served with Vanilla Ice Cream

Creamy black sesame, caramelised cashew nuts, chantilly cream served with vanilla ice cream

Sushia Izakaya & Bar - Dessert : Black sesame surprise Creamy Black Sesame, Caramelised Cashew nuts, chattily cream served with Vanilla Ice Cream

I started with the vanilla ice cream which was superb. Light, creamy, smooth with a delicious flavour of vanilla. There are also small crunchy caramelised cashews which add a nice crunch. The surprise element is the plank of chocolate with vanilla flecked chantilly cream which is equally delicious. Underneath that is the black sesame which has a slightly gooey texture. It’s still smooth and delicious. I like black sesame ice cream though there’s something about the texture I didn’t care for. Still, this is an excellent finish to the meal, a very pleasing dessert. Yum.


Sushia Food Review Summary

Verdict: Sushi Izakaya’s 3 course Eat Drink Perth special was certainly special. I love deep fried foods and the Japanese are renowned for their light crispy crunchy batters and this was evident with the popcorn prawns which were delicious. A common theme throughout the dishes is a fusion of cuisines outside of Japan. With the prawns, they’ve added jalapeño to the mayo which adds a lovely hum of chilli. For the mains, a typically American dish of a rack of pork ribs has had an Asian influence with a spicy momoko sauce. The glaze is excellent and the touch of spiciness keeps things interesting. The soft sweet potato chips, whilst not crunchy, are perfect as they are and provide a relief and contrast against the spicy meaty flavours. These were very enjoyable. To finish, a slightly gooey black sesame ice cream was enjoyed with other elements such as a delicious vanilla ice cream which easily overshadowed the black sesame ice cream, and the Chantilly vanilla flecked cream on a plank of chocolate. The dessert was delicious and an excellent finish to an impressive 3 course meal.
Price: Moderately Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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