Eat Drink Perth – Food Truck Rumble 2016

Eat Drink Perth

What: Food festival of events
Where: Perth CBD, Northbridge and other locations
When: 16 March – 23 April 2016

As part of the Eat Drink Perth food festival running over March and April, there are various events running, one of which is a back for a second year – The Food Truck Rumble. There are 40 different food trucks parked in the Perth Cultural Centre in Northbridge offering all kinds of cuisines and sweet treats from 11am – 8pm today.

  • 40 food trucks around the Perth Cultural Centre and Museum Gardens
  • 10 street food stalls at the Urban Orchard ‘Urban Hawker Centre’
  • 13 stalls in the Art and Crafts Laneway Markets

I decided to head there early given the long queues at last year’s event and I’m glad I went early. I arrived shortly before 11am where there already were a reasonable amount of people present. It gave me enough time to have a walk around and see what was on offer, though I had already had a look at the line up beforehand.

Food Truck Rumble - Mezcal

Mezcal – pulled pork tacos (GF) $15

All tacos served with slaw, cheese, chipotle cream, Caribbean salsa

Food Truck Rumble - Mezcal - pulled pork tacos (GF)

Mezxal serve traditional Mexican street food:

  • Chipotle chicken taquitos (GF) $15
  • Barbacoa lamb tacos (GF) $15
  • Pulled pork tacos (GF) $15
  • Pumpkin & BBQ corn tacos (V, GF) $15
  • Chilli fries (GF) $5
  • Loaded chilli fries (GF) $8

My order presented me with 2 very generously filled tacos. The first bite in was delicious. One of the few eateries I’ve come across that have actually executed pulled pork the way it should be – tender, juicy pork that literally pulls apart after being cooked long and slow. They’ve added a tasty moist sauce that combines with the peppery slaw and gooey cheese to make each bite wonderful. Very satisfied.

Food Truck Rumble - Uncle Chops Smokehouse

Uncle Chops Smokehouse – Three low & slow smoked bbq meat sliders for $15

Food Trick Rumble - Uncle Chops Smokehouse - Sliders

  • 1x Tennessee Pork
  • 1x Rockabilly Lamb
  • 1x Texan Beef

When I went to place my order the smell of smoke is evident. It had subtlety permeated into the meat of each of the three sliders which were served immediately after placing my order. Plenty of people had filtered in at the start so they were obviously well prepared to churn out the orders. I had a taste of the meat of each slider which was juicy, tender, and succulent. The sliders are tasty though the sauce from the coleslaw and the slider itself mutes the flavour of the meat to a large extent which is a real shame as the meat is excellent.


Soul Provider – beignets with caramel sauce, icing sugar $10

Food Truck Rumble Soul Provider - beignets with caramel sauce, icing sugar

Soul Provider serve soul food:

  • Smoked brisket chili with cornbread, fried jalapeño (GF) $12
  • Jambalaya croquettes with creole sauce (V, GF) $10
  • Spicy fish tacos with pickled slaw (GF) $12
  • Beignets with salted caramel sauce, icing sugar $10

Two hearty meals to begin my brunch, now time for dessert. I had first eaten beignets in a diner on our way to Disneyland so I was happy to see beignets on the menu. However, unlike those I had in the US which were soft and fluffy, these were much larger in size and quite heavy. They were nice and crunchy on the outside and reasonably soft and quite a generous serving, or maybe I was feeling pretty full adding more dough to the stomach. The salted caramel sauce was nice though it had a strong intense flavour. A bit heavy for my liking.

By the time I made my way out, there were lots of people about, an excellent turnout beautiful sunny weather.

There’s still time to check it out if you’re lucky.

It’s fantastic that we have these great events to go to in Perth.


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